White Xbox One – Sunset Overdrive Bundle


Big news: Sunset Overdrive is getting bundled with a white Xbox One! Surprise!? This is also the first time that the public has the chance to grab the white edition of the console. It looks pretty snazzy! It comes out on October 28th and will be $399.99. That’s means you are basically getting the game for free. And free is better than not free!

The Xbox One Special Edition “Sunset Overdrive” Bundle will include the following:

  • White console and controller – available to consumers for the first time
  • Full game download token for “Sunset Overdrive”
  • All Day One Edition in-game content, including the Nothin’ but the Hits gun, a custom Fizzie outfit and the Hardcore! Hammer

Not bad, eh?

The Xbox One Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle will be available at retailers in worldwide Xbox One regions while supplies last, beginning with the game’s North America launch on October 28th.

We also just released a new trailer for Sunset Overdrive showcasing the variety of insane enemies you’ll be pitted against in beautiful Sunset City – including new mutant types and Fizzco’s robotic security force. Check it out here.

That’s about it for now. If you’ve been waiting to get an Xbox One for Sunset Overdrive – might we suggest this bundle?

Sound good? Good! Enjoy!

Pre-Order the Bundle Here!

Snowstorm US Box

  • Poki

    Never wanted to get an XBox, but that white controller … Probably still won’t get it, but at least that’s the first time I’m tempted.

  • deadlysin687

    Can you guys lend me like $399.99 plus tax?

  • William Kelley

    I sho nuff did buy one!

  • Alex Matusiak

    White systems are beautiful. White controllers are beautiful for about a day … then they’re just sad. Still, I’m sure my current XBox One will die around October so the timing is really perfect 🙂

  • Kei-chan

    Pre ordered one today! Your bundle made me want the system~~

  • Qest

    is headset included in this bundle ?! ;o