Update on Patch 1.05 and Changelog

Patch 1.05 is complete… and it’s huge. We know many of you have been waiting for this patch and the time for deployment is almost here. Sony is combing through it one last time and as soon as it’s live you will be the first to know, we are hoping for next week. This patch does not mark the end for Resistance 3 support though. Stay tuned for a R3 Community custom playlist contest in the coming weeks.

We want to reiterate that patch 1.05 comes with two brand new maps, Creek (16P) and The Granery (4P).  They will be available to you when you download the patch.

As for the rest of what is included in patch 1.05, there is a detailed list at the end of this post.  Some key highlights though are:

– Several performance updates to fix network lag
– Improved team balancing
– All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
– Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
– Improved the Move’s aim mechanic

As always, hit us back with questions and comments here. We’ll do our best to address them all.


* Update and bug fixes to the deathcam system

* Updated Network error messages
* Several performance updates to fix network lag
* Improved load times for friends list
* Refined Hero movement for improved network syncing

* Fixed issues related to the game host quitting out of a private game
* The host will no longer lose the ability to start the game after completing a match and returning to the lobby

* Players will no longer be put into a Team deathmatch game while searching for Deathmatch or Deathmatch Small
* Searching Deathmatch Small with a party of five or more will no longer cause the “Finding Game” screen to loop until the player backs out.
* Improved team balancing

* Cleaned up overlapping text fields in the UI
* The icon for “Double Bird” is now consistant across all menues
* Fixes to the HUD while playing in Immersive mode

* Party is no longer allowed to create and enter a game with no opposing team
* The party leader of parties with 3 players will can no longer result in the party leader being put into the staging screen while the rest of the party is disbanded.

MP Gameplay
* All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
* Players will no longer spawn invisible to other players
* Suicides award enemies kills if the player is still wounded from their damage
* Abilities will no longer lose functionality if they activate the ability at the same moment that they dies
* Split screen players will no longer be on seperate teams
* Players bodies will no longer hold onto weapons after being killed
* Change to Chain Reaction final node time

* Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
* The bubble shield will now disapear when the EMP is used against it.
* Dash now gives more consistent feedback when the player is unable to use it
* The players head will no longer vanish when killed while performing a taunt
* Assassin no longer displays the user as a friendly on the radar for DM games
* Players will no longer lose berserks and abilities after playing a number of match making games
* The player will no longer spawn with different genades than what was placed in the primary slot through grenadier

* The mutators secondary’s will deal damage regardless of the surface to which it is applied
* Marksman turrets will function properly regardless of the surface to which it is applied
* Wildfire lock-on disabled in between shots in MP

* Misc art, collision and volume fixes

* Localization fixes and updates

* Improved the Move’s aim mechanic

* Several bug and crash fixes
* Co-op player can now watch videos normally
* Fixes to progression stopping issues while playing campaign in coop

* Fixed the loading screen for 3D
* Tracker footprints now appear for both eyes

* Misc fixes to campaign

* Remnant levels have been corrected
* Improvements to the UI

  • gothpunkboy89

    nice a few things i’m glad you are fixing. I’m tired of leaper armies in small death match. They are more deadly then the players because they can fallow you even if they can’t see you.

  • Solid patch.


    This ia going the right way, thank you. Hopefully you fix this 2 things also. 1.- Sometimes when joining a multiplayer math game (anything does not matter which one) you enter the arena and your active abilities are disabled. 2.- Sometimes when playing turret stop working and won’t deploy when you hit right on the d pad. Here’s a thread of more people concern on this http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/resistance-3/show_msgs.php?pid=998016&topic_id=m-1-60330491

  • LastLombax

    Cool great job looks good

  • Podrido82

    Wolf_ser, you are right. I’ve got the same problem. The two same problems.

  • skf4

    Thank god no more “locals cheating” Thank you 🙂

  • Pomegranade

    please add offline multiplayer,evin if everything is alredy unlocked i would realy apreciate it

  • magekyou

    Honestly the worst thing to fix is the grenades, they have like a massive radius, the game quickly turns to a nade orgy and it’s honestly pissing us off. No way to run to cover when youve got a grenade killing you even tho it was 1km away from you.

    Also what the heck is wrong with HP? I know your trying to create a different experience but honestly, you should make HP recover faster, as in, more HP at a time, because it kicks in at a good timing, but the time required to fully recover your hp makes it impossible to flow in battle, I always have to lose abou 10 to 15 seconds making sure my HP is fully up, and thats while hoping that a random grenade 10km away won’t kill me.

  • Akin0

    I bought Resistance 3 this week and downloaded and played the patch 1.05 last night with Move. The Move controls in Resistance 3 are simply awesome, the game is incredibly fun to play with Move. Great job! Now get the word out


    How can we dowload update 1.05 to an external hard drive? It will make it faster for me to put it on PS3


    Please open coop on R3 to all not just friends. R2 coop was the bomb…..look me up in R2 coop….ART-ZOO….and we can play.

  • xino_zero

    Can you make an update to make the clan system work the same way as R2?

  • Podrido82

    Hi to all !!!
    IG in split screen online i continies with screen freeze or lag. In this path this bug is not solved? Thanks and good job!!

  • DoucheVader

    Well I guess better late than never, maybe I can find my copy of R3. LOL

  • Podrido82

    The screen freezer continues IG, i try today one more time and have the same problem.

  • mclitisier

    Vai the nhi?

  • Esli

    Hi guys!
    I’d like to disable hints. Is there a way? If not, perhaps in a futur patch… please!

  • tsquip

    Is there a way to customize the sharpshooter controls? Jump is awkward for me, would rather use square button as it is ridiculously redundant w/ the periph.

  • Shadowalker_666

    lost all stuff i unlocked on global resistance when i downloaded the update. any way to get the stuff back? & was wondering if there is a way to get the stuff available for the online beta. i want hale & the double bird & can’t since kids erased the beta before the release. thanks for putting Okla. on the game, btw

  • Shadowalker_666

    does anyone actually read this stuff?

  • Edzha25UK

    Even after this patch my Resistance 3 has some sound delay issues especially when I fire magnum or something blows up or chimera roars. I don’t have these sound problems with any of my other games, disc based or not so it is not console fault. I have looked in internet and found out that some people have the same problem. Please look into this bug and solve it because this bug is realy annoying.

  • Art Vandelay

    Do people still play MP?? Just bought this for $20 two years late haha