The Lovely Enemies of Sunset Overdrive: Part 1

The Herker OD is one of many different enemies you'll face in Sunset Overdrive.

We’ve filled you in on how combat and traversal were intertwined in Sunset Overdrive like two young lovers, but what good is that if there’s nothing to shoot at? So, let’s chat about enemies!

We wanted to do two main things with the enemies in Sunset Overdrive: make them threatening and make a wealthy variety of them. And, to be honest, this wasn’t exactly easy. In the game, you’re always quickly moving up, down and every which way – so creating admirable foes to match that speed and freedom took some work.

But, it got worked. And here’s a few of them and how play.

OD: These guys have a horde mentality and will wreck you if you’re sticking to the ground. We’re going to throw a lot of them at you all at once and they actually have a lunge that’s both quick and unexpected. So, while they aren’t the toughest to kill – the sheer amount of them makes them dangerous.

Plus, OD are pro at blocking your traversal paths. They climb on grind rails and even block you from bouncing on objects. So, you’ll have to be keep moving and adapt your traversal path and style when facing off against hordes of these.


Blower: These folks are going to attack you at range with messy Overcharge bile that lingers around and damages you if you stay in it. And we’ve worked to make sure the consistence in which they fire is random and doesn’t feel too “patterny.” That plus the fact that Blowers usually position themselves on perches on the outskirts of battle, mean that you’ll have to strategically hone in on them with traversal to get the kill.

Herker: You’re not going to like the Herker. I mean, you will – but repeated bulldozer fists to the face will bruise your friendship with it. On a basic level, the Herker is a tank. He can take a lickin’ and keep on kickin.’ However, he’s also endowed with some speed. One of his attacks is a beeline rush towards the player that will take out a huge chunk of your health if hit. So, the best way to defeat him is to keep your distance and stay above him.

However, he’s not just limited to close-range melee attacks. He can also throw large pieces of concrete or OD at the player, which can both hurt you on impact and force you to now deal with another enemy at close range. So, overall, he’s a versatile enemy that usually becomes your primary target to take out first in a fight. If you don’t, you’ll be the first thing taken out.


Scabs: Scabs are humans, but that doesn’t make them any less threatening than their more mutated brethren. Plus, their presence will actually make you switch up your play style. The normal Scabs fire assault rifles at the player from a distance. This constant ranged damage is a style that the mutants don’t fill. It will force the player to stay in constant movement in order to dodge the barrage of fire – all while trying to line up their own shots to take the Scabs down.

And that’s just a few of the enemy types! There are more types of OD and Scabs, as well as a whole other variety of foes like the Fizzco Security Robots. But, for now we hope you see how just a few of the enemies really differ from each other and force the player to approach them in separate ways.

And it’s important to note that you’ll be facing these guys all at once. Imagine turning the corner and seeing a huge horde of OD running towards you. As you slide on a rail, you have to club off OD that are trying to block the way. You jump on a grind rail only to have a Blower spew bile at in the path. You jump on the nearest car and suddenly bullets whiz by from a band of Scabs on the roof to your left. You land on the street to gather your bearings, but a chunk of concrete knocks you back. A Herker has joined the party. Better get moving, buddy. And shooting!

Hell, the Scabs and the OD will even fight each other – making the fight even crazier.

That’s the experience we want you to have in Sunset Overdrive. We want to surprise you and constantly make you re-evaluate you combat situation. Sound fun? Good!

Unless you said “no.” In that case, bummer.

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