Sunset TV: The Movie – playing now in a theatre near you

We’ve seen a few reports from some of you who happened to catch a very special episode of Sunset TV that is currently playing in theatres across the United States. That’s right, Sunset TV has gone to the silver screen.


For the next few weeks at theatres in the United States in front of PG-13 and R-rated films, those of you heading to the cineplex may get to see a special episode of Sunset TV featuring host Brandon Winfrey, with special guest appearances from Creative Director Marcus Smith and Game Director Drew Murray.

The video rotates between theatres in the next couple weeks, so if it’s not in your theatre this week, it may be in a week or two. The episode plays in the very last section of pre-movie behind-the-scenes videos that play before the previews begin, so make sure to show up a little bit early with your popcorn (and Buncha Crunch, because Buncha Crunch and popcorn were made for each other).

If you caught it, let us know where and what you thought of the special episode! We’ll get to post it online for you all to view after its finished its run in theatres!

  • KingFatness

    That is pretty cool, but how do we find out if a theatere is near us?

  • furious1235

    You guys must seriously love MS with sort of advertisement they are doing for your game.

  • ratchetratchet

    The game looks great, but it was painful to watch that in a theater. It took me back to the 90s, being ashamed to like video games. Especially in contrast to the highly produced movie previews that followed it. It was an infomercial that made me want to look away and not be associated with it, despite the fact that I would have no issue actually playing the game in front of people.

  • Josh

    i am in love with the look of Sunset Overdrive but i was devastated to here it was only on Xbox