Sunset TV – July 17, 2014

This week on Sunset TV we showcase some new footage of Sunset City, go over its size, and cover the game’s quick select weapon feature. Plus, get some info on Sunset Overdrive at SDCC 2014, where you can play the game! If you aren’t going – that’s a bummer. I would have given you a high-five. Oh, well.

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  • carson

    will there be a demo available for xbox one before the release of the game?

  • Snooopy28

    Yes, It will have quick travel.. Picky b@st@rds
    And: there will be info about it on Comic con, so shut up
    XD This guy is awesome

  • Portman

    I know the game has been worked on for awhile so its probably to late to
    ask this but is there anyway a vs mode would be in this game? possibly
    similar to the one in Avatar: Burning Earth. or maybe an ability to
    airglide. cat mario online

  • david shaffer

    Does your melee attack look go by your amps

  • david shaffer

    Is there a lock on for the guns or do you just shoot not knowing