Sunset Overdrive Season Pass – New Gameplay, Weapons & Exclusive Content


Microsoft and Insomniac Games are excited to announce even more explosive action and mutant-infested mayhem for fans with the “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass, available for purchase on Xbox Live and participating retailers at release.

Packed with exclusive content, the “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass includes the first three complete Game Add-ons for “Sunset Overdrive,” as well as six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps available exclusively to Season Pass purchasers as soon as the game is released.

The “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass grants you:

  • Two campaign Game Add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these Add-ons also includes new weapons, new Amps, a new Trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad* objectives!
  • The Weapons Pack Game Add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal!
  • BONUS – six character outfits, two Amps and two Traps to use as soon as the game is released

In total, the Season Pass delivers a massive amount of adventure and destruction: eight new devastating weapons, four deadly traps to deploy in Chaos Squad, four new Amps to unleash over-the-top mayhem, and 10 unique outfits for your character – all for $19.99 U.S. ERP, a savings of more than 20% compared to purchasing the three Game Add-ons individually.

*Sunset Overdrive game required, sold separately. Chaos Squad objectives and Traps require Xbox Live Gold membership, sold separately. Retail prices may vary.

  • zagan

    bought my season pass i hope there’s even more dlc planned for after the season pass dlc ill buy anything you put out =D the more the better keep it coming

    • We have 2 large campaign add-ons planned. After that it would depend on demand, so you never know!

      • Paul Westhead

        Are you planning on releasing all the dlc costumes weapons etc to purchase through the store?

  • Caleb Alexander

    I bought the season pass but have not received any of the weapons, amps, traps, etc. Is this a common issue?

    • Wayne

      Same here but I bought the Deluxe Edition (i don’t know if it’s different cost 79.99) haven’t received anything.

      • Same for you, please read my reply to Wayne above. If you are still having issues contact Xbox support.

    • Please read my reply to Wayne above.

  • Jesse Pletcher

    When will the new missions be released?

    • Not sure yet. We are working on the first DLC update now. It is a big one so we want it to be awesome.

  • Wayne

    I bought the Deluxe Edition or whatever edition for 79.99. I have no traps. No extra weapons. In fact I didn’t start with any. No new outfits. Whats the problem? I uninstalled and reinstalled the SUNSET OVERDRIVE SEASON PASS BONUS CONTENT. Still have nothing new.ITS ME FIZZIE OUTIFIT, ACORDES DE LA MUERTE MELEE WEAPONS, HARDCORE HAMMER,THE HANGOVER MELEE WEAPONS NOTHING BUT THE HITS (I HAVE BUT I DIDNT START WITH IT) are all installed but I don’t have them or see them. What’s the deal?

    • john farley

      Same here i got the fizzie outfit and the hammer but no other outfits and weapons. I installed reinstalled as well and nothing new for me either =[ Any new word on why this would happen? I really like this game but never had a season pass pull this bs!

      • Please read my reply to Wayne. If you are still having issues, contact Xbox support as it may be a download/redemption issue.

        • john farley

          Thank you I figured out my problem! I wish the very best of luck to everybody involved in this game.

    • Do you see anything related to Season Pass under your Manage game? Should be like 10MB. It includes ONLY 6 outfits, 2 traps, and 2 amps right now. More content will be added, but it isn’t finished yet. The traps and Amps won’t show up until you unlock those features in the game. The outfits should be at Calista under Insomniac Sets (Customize, not Vendor). If you don’t see the download and it says it was downloaded you should contact Xbox support. That is their domain.

  • Logan

    Hey Vitti the xbl (on my xbone) page I am looking at says the pass will include “three complete game add-ons” yet you’re comments say there will be 2. What does a complete game add-on entail?

    • They are likely referring to the weapons pack as one. 2 CAMPAIGN add-ons and 1 weapons pack. So there will be 3 separate add-ons, yes. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Caleb Alexander

    I do have that under my manage games Vitti. I even reinstalled it. Ah well..

    • You are not seeing any of the 6 outfits under Customize -> Outfits -> Insomniac Sets?

  • le fumier

    hello , I buy the day 1 edition deluxe version and I do not have the weapons and outfits that you plan to do for us?
    I contact Microsoft, which I send to you.

    • There are no weapons included in the Season Pass. There is ONE weapon from the Day One content though. How far in the game are you? Have you found Calista? If so, we can check.

      • le fumier

        I is not my Additional content version DAY one deluxe edition , yes I saw Calista , but there’s only handguns . ” I do not bang gun , pulls Calash – heads and get high, and I was not following the outfits, “fan of overdose, rebot of fizzco and desert storm .”
        I am terribly disappointed
        thank you for your work

  • spatts

    So I pre ordered the game and the dlc. I have completed the story, and all the side quests. I have A TON of weapons and clothes. SOOOOOO, I was unaware that when you prepaid for the DLC that you got additional content from the get go. So now that this info is new to me. Can you tell me what Items they are so I can check to see if they properly downloaded when I put in my DLC code? I LOVE this game and really don’t want to miss out on anything. If they didn’t download I would really like to get that taken care of so i don’t go missing out on anything.

    • Season Pass Items are:
      Bomber Ninja Outfit
      Disco Champion Outfit
      Goth Lolita Outfit
      Never Get Cold Outfit
      Road Queen Outfit
      Red Monkey Lightning Outfit
      Smite Amp
      XP Mod Amp
      Kaboom! Trap
      Death by Decibel Trap

      • le fumier

        Watchlist You have solved the problem of dlc ?

  • spatts

    Another question. Will the New Locations be add-ons to the the already pre-existing map or will it be a completely separate area? How large in comparison will these new locations be compared to the map already? I just want it to come already. If you can give me info to hold off my appetite that would be great.

    • Can’t say yet 🙂 They will be large additions we think. They are not finished yet. More on that soon. They will not just be new missions over the same places you have been if that is what you are asking.

      • 5150

        Thanks for the reply, I’m a casual gamer and enjoy the customization aspect especially. It would be cool if there were some kind of alternative to grinding kills for 20 minutes and then ending up with three of the four slots being overcharge cans, my 2 cents. Game has great music and atmosphere. Keep up the great work.

      • spatts

        So i guess my question is, will we be able to directly travel to these new areas, or will we go through a loading screen? And thanks for the replies!

  • 5150

    Great game, the open world is also enjoyable. Question: chaos squad is alright but the cliathing drops in that mode are so sparse, how can I get more CS cliathing drops? Also, will the clothes be available for DL at some point?

    • Are you playing with high chaos? Higher the chaos, higher the reward. Not sure if the outfits will be purchasable or not yet.

  • CheesyJimmy96

    How far away is the new missions?? And my lobbies keep timing out. Is it the servers or just my internet cause I am very keen to play online??

    • New missions aren’t done yet, so we can’t really say how far (I assume you mean distance) they are yet. If you are having connection issues, please post in our forums. We have a thread going for those.

  • spatts

    It would be nice to have Random outbreaks(like an event but not formal) in the city. I would love to have the opportunity to randomly fight hundreds of OD at one time. IT WOULD BE EPIC!!! I am so glad I have the opportunity to become a fan of Insomniac! THANKS A MILLION!!

    • Thanks YOU for being a fan! And thanks for the feedback.

    • PeriodicXero

      Love this idea, more ‘randomness’ or random events that keep you playing past the end game would be awesome. I just don’t want to stop playing the game and will find any reason to play more of it; so taking ideas from games like Diablo even (I know VERY different game) to extend the end game would be fantastic.

  • Jeff Kazimer

    This game is great, its such a FRESH take on a different genre. Thank you Insomniac for this great Xbox One game, key word is ORIGINAL!!

    • Thank YOU for playing!

  • Louis Piazza

    i hit a glitch, where i can’t get the pop rocket trap. is there a way to fix it?

    • We need a little more info than that. Can you post in the forums exactly what is going on? Where and when it happens, what is happening, what steps you have taken? Thanks and sorry about the issue you are having.

      • Louis Piazza

        it the just kim mission, where you use the rocket turret. i did not get the rocket turret. i tried replay the mission to unlock, but it just give me the money for replaying. Also, it look like the glitch is affect my trap menu because i seem to be losing one the trap slots.

        • Have you checked your traps for the turret? I mean besides the 4 that are equipped? Can you send a screenshot of this to or better yet, post in the forums.

  • PeriodicXero

    May be the first DLC I ever buy, I’m so in love with this game! Tempted to delete my save file so I can play through it again. I do hope the DLC fixes the OverCharge shortage, I don’t have enough to buy the collectibles maps or the highest priced weapons (didn’t enjoy the challenges or chaos squad which I know can help build up some OC).

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about the lack of Overcharge. It does help to do all the side stuff to get that. Plus there are Overdrives you can equip that make enemies drop more OC.

      • PeriodicXero

        I’ve completed all of the side stuff except the challenges, didn’t enjoy them for some reason, maybe I’ll try them again in my next run. Now the overdrives, how did I not see/realize that!!! Thanks for the tip, will check that out tonight.

        I haven’t picked up two of the weapons yet (about 120K OC) and have about 100K in maps to get, even grinding on some of the areas where the OD spawn forever it just doesn’t come in fast enough, and it appears as if that even if I did try to gold the challenges I still wouldn’t have enough. Honestly, wish there was a NG+ where you start with everything you have thus far then you can recollect OC and purchase everything else on the next pass. Regardless, it’s so incredibly fun to play what I’ve decided to do was actually delete my save and start over, I know the weapons I want now, it’s more about traversal and playing the game for me, so I really want those collectible maps and I’ll get those by not buying the weapons I didn’t fall in love with.

  • steve

    So how do u get the upgraded shotty and ak and bowling ball gun I bought the $80 day one edition I thought those was part of the $80 if its not that is the wackest deal ever so I paid $60 for the game $20 for the season pass so u gave us a couple of costumes and some lame melee weapons and some usless traps for free boy thanks for the hook up if u could only hear the sarcasim in my voice cause I’m lying its lame thanks for nothing

    • No. The outfits, traps, and amps are a BONUS. The Season Pass is for the 2 additional campaign add-ons and the weapons pack. It is clearly stated that is what you are getting. Pre-order bonuses are completely separate.

  • steve

    Is it just me or is anyone else tired of these companies putting out games that aren’t even done yet its like if ur going to bend me over just charge me the full price up front and give me the whole game that u intended quit gouging us with $20 here $20 there just charge $100 for every game and give me everything u intended to be In it cause im tired of paying $100 anyway and havingnto wait 6-8 months quit teasing us

    • In what way is Sunset Overdrive not done? It is completely done as intended. This content is NEW and is not even finish yet. Work started AFTER Sunset was finished to provide more content to fans.

    • PeriodicXero

      Not done!! Clearly you haven’t played it, it’s more than done, and people like me who have played through it, and are still playing it post end game, are salivating for more content. Not done, what a harsh/quick judgement, this is one of the best games ever made and most certainly my game of year.

  • steve

    Well honestly its a good game dont get me wrong sure there are things that could be better but its not the best game ever made and if ur going to give people a “bonus” make it something that’s actually worth something traps are a small part of the game and frankly the traps u give aren’t great and either are the costumes the bonus should of been guns or something that ur going to use all of the time not just 1/4 of the time don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining I’m just giving an honest opinion I’m bet if people give their honest opinion they would of rather had some guns instead of some traps just saying

  • john manza

    just beat it, great experience, I honestly have no complaints, hope you guys get to do a sequel, would love to see some in game crafting or co-op in game besides chaos (which is epic) for now I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for DLC.

  • Dercebreros

    How many more achievements will be included when the 2 Campaign Add-Ons are released?

  • nadrewod

    I know that the awesome people at Insomniac Games are hard at work on creating, bug-testing, bug-fixing, or balancing the new content, but I just wanted to offer one idea that I had: an Epic Amp that gives you the powers of Excalimune you had in the Awesomesmithing mission.

    It wouldn’t be as difficult as coding in a new Epic amp since you already have the code for that in the game, and balancing should be much easier since there are already similar Epic amps that focus more on one of two specialization of one of the two damage types (two fire-based Epic amps in the forms of “FI-YAH” for grinding on rails with the fire spawning beside you and “It Burns” for turning the ground you walk on into lava, and two electricity-based Epic amps in the form of “Ride the Lightning” for grinding on rails with the lightning spawning beside you and “Chance of Lightning” for randomly filling the nearby area with lightning strikes) present in the original Excalimune (and there is the weapon amp “Suck” for checking the balance of restoring health on kills with the amp), while the fact that the effects come from melee strikes means that it requires a strategy that differs from the norm slightly (mainly, that getting within melee range of the enemy is not necessarily a bad thing {something that “It Burns” was probably trying to do, but the fact that it only transforms the ground at your feet, AKA where you walk/bounce, into lava makes it seem like a bit of a quick combo-breaker when the area’s population of enemies thins out under a certain critical mass}, and working in a few more “Dive Bomb Rebound”s into your combos than you normally would {which would make the two support-style Divebomb amps even more viable than they already are}). This is a game about the “Awesomepocalypse”, and what better way to
    celebrate that than with some Awesomesmithing in Freeroam and Chaos Squad?

    Someone at Insomniac probably thought about this at some point (and had a good reason for not including it for purchase in the game at release), but just in case, in order to keep this comment from making them hesitate to make such an amp (for legal or compensation reasons), I hereby freely give up any and all present and future rights to this idea to Insomniac Games, Inc.

  • D1O1C7

    I had the free weekend pass for sunset overdrive and just wow. I ended up buying the deluxe with the two added gamplay missions. I have had all the other add-ons, guns and clothes but yet to find the missions. I know you guys are hard at work but wondering if im going to see those missions, . . . *single tear* those glorious two missions. D1O1C7

    • spatts

      They are 2 campaign add-ons. So that means 2 separate DLC that have more missions, not just two missions, but multiple missions for each campaign add on. Thats what i get out of it at least. I got the game day 1 and am completely in love with this game and am stoked for these add-ons.

  • Mhb777

    Bought the game through the xbox store whilst on offer for £22.25… In all honesty, the best £22.25 I’ve spent on a xbox store game… So I bought the season pass 🙂
    Near completion now… Bryllcream never fails to make me laugh.
    Great game, been a fan of insomniac for some time, keep up the good work & I think we all await another great title in the future.