Sunset Overdrive Scavenger Hunt – 2013


Howdy folks,

There are two universal truths. 1.) We announced our new IP, Sunset Overdrive yesterday. And 2.) People like free stuff. (Oh, and there’s Death, too, but let’s gloss over that.) Well, we at Insomniac are heeding to these truths and giving those of you in LA the chance to hurry to some locations on (or near) Sunset Boulevard to score exclusive and  limited Sunset Overdrive T-shirts from renowned street artists who shared their own interpretation of our new world.

One of these locations has been injected with a healthy dose of the Awesomeapocalypse via a mural. Check out the time-lapse creation video below.

“How can I place those items of clothing on my body?” – You inquire? Well, today the Sunset Overdrive twitter account will tweet the locations of cans of Overcharge Delerium XT Energy Drink that have been left around Los Angeles. Find the locations, locate the can, order the drink from the store, and you’ll get a sweet T-shirt. You’ll also get a treasured memory you can tell your grandchildren. And isn’t that the sweetest treasure of all?

No. The T-shirt is.

Three of the locations are open now, and the fourth location doesn’t open until 5pm (You 9 to 5’vers can get in on the action, too!).

Also, there’s a bonus prize for the first 10 of you who can tweet photos from all four locations with the #SunsetOverdrive tag. Give the photos good composition, too. That’s not required, but in the sake of art – try.

Good luck, and enjoy the scavenger hunt! Take a second to soak in that mural, too!

It. Begins. NOW!

  • Justin McFarland

    Where is the mural located?

  • Durodes Duvo

    Can you guys tell me exactly what makes this games only possible on the XBO?

    Voice recognition? What?

    • Curtis Latimer

      Its because with kinect ted price can see into your soul and watch you walk away from insomniac.

      • Upset Fan

        Omg, thanks for the laugh. Still upset they left all their fans, would have bought this game in a heart beat, but nope, can’t agree with the stupid Xbox One policies, sorry Insomniac Games.

        • Curtis Latimer

          Well frankly who isn’t they ditched us for an unknown reason, on a side note I just picked up the last of us and it’s a real gem worth every penny also just pre ordered ps4. 🙂

          • Retroact1ve

            You are right Last of us is an instant classic. I haven’t played it all the way through yet. I would put this game up there with my favorite horror movies of all time, because you get that real sense of dread, despair, sadness with this amazing game… I would be willing to bet that the new xbox can not match an exclusive like the last of us. This game is really fantastic.

  • Jessica

    Wow Ted enjoy loosing millions of fans, and gaining a few hundred thousand fans.


      It’s really not being a fan if someone can walk away like that. Give them a break, they’re trying to make money. Not like they left their Playstation fans completely, I am sure that they’ll give us something groundbreaking sooner or later.

  • SoliderPenguin

    You know people would love to do that if you had put the game on the right console!

  • SoliderPenguin

    I hope you realize that you are currently committing developer suicide.

  • Ratchet4ever

    Insomniac, y u no make resistance 4?!?!?!

  • Ratchet4ever

    Ted, why won’t you just, i don’t know, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS?!?!?!

  • Traitors.

    • Ratchet4ever

      They’re not tratiors, they are independent. They haven’t joined microsoft forever.

  • Marigold

    Insomniac is committing developer suicide

  • Waqas Khan

    dude … i want a t-shirt but i live in London … please can i have one 🙁