Sunset Overdrive Reveal Town-Hall Live Stream

Remember this? No, it’s not an “acid trip” as the top comment claims.  It’s a brand-new game IP – cooked up from the mostly acid free minds here at Insomniac. Now, we haven’t revealed much about it yet beyond the initial teaser trailer and a few media interviews, but what fun are those? Sunset Overdrive is all about community, so let’s talk directly to you about it.

Tomorrow, at 11 AM PDT, we are going to do a Sunset Overdrive Reveal Town-Hall Livestream. We’ll be answering fan questions, discussing the game, and doing a bit o’ Director’s Commentary on the reveal trailer. Just know up front, though, that we won’t be showing gameplay, yet.  However, if you want to get a sense of the tone and style of Sunset Overdrive, and have your questions answered – you’re going to want to join us.

Ted Price (Insomniac President and CEO) will be joined by the Sunset Overdrive Creative Directors, Marcus Smith (Resistance 3 Creative Director) and Drew Murray (Resistance 3 Design Lead) on the stream, so this is the perfect time to get in your burning questions. No one knows the game like these guys. We hope.

So, please, join us tomorrow to find out more about Sunset Overdrive. Literally all you have to do it click a link. Which link? This link. But, not yet. Do it tomorrow at 11 AM PDT.

For more information, be sure to follow Sunset Overdrive on Twitter and Like it on Facebook.

Peace out, and see you bright and early. Yes, 11 AM PDT is pretty bright and early.

  • Unsealedcross

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s live event. I’ll try and make it cuz I have school (I already graduated, but they offered me free classes on Hard Surface modeling and an updated portfolio class). But I have so many questions I want ask that I’d hate to miss this live Q&A event. As I said on Twitter I already preordered the game and I can’t wait for it to come out. Anyways keep up on the good work and I hope to kill mutants with plenty of records when this game comes out.

  • Mike Wulfbeer

    Game looks good, ugh gonna make me dust off my xbox!

  • Sane

    I may have made the “acid trip” comment. I love you guys for mentioning me! You’re awesome. Sunset Overdrive does look like a brilliant game by the way, don’t tell me that there were no drugs involved though 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  • FGras

    I still hope this is an timed exclusive.

    • Ibrahimhassounah

      It can’t , Microsoft is publishing it so no way it is a timed exclusive

      • FGras

        Microsoft also published Mass Effect 1, but that also came out on PS3…?

        • Ibrahimhassounah

          The Mass Effect franchise were purchased by EA and what do you think when I say EA ? money I say , so they released it for the PS3 , did you look at Ninja Gaiden 2 , it’s exclusive for the
          Xbox 360 and Microsoft never put it down so it will be an exclusive for ever

          • Robert Masterson

            Ninja Gaiden 2 came to ps3 under the name “ninja gaiden sigma 2”.

  • FGras

    Now you don’t have to log in with the xbox one every 24 hours to update. How is this gonna change the ideas of your game?

  • Retroact1ve

    “I was told of turmoil among the developers and publishers assembled in LA. Those that had sided with Microsoft were doing more than wobbling … They were seriously questioning whether or not they’d backed the appropriate horse and were making instant moves to better engage with Sony. Microsoft’s policies had been well known for some time, but it was, in fact, the reaction to Sony’s E3 showboating that was forcing what appeared to be a movement in content to PS4.” -VG247

    Just here to remind you guys still backed the wrong horse =-) At least luck would have it ms did a one-eighty and you guys will get a few more sales… in the end though ms will be known as the company who tried to screw people over, but lost… lost faith, lost backbone, and lost a lot of gamers. You better hope the deal was a timed exclusive, for sales sakes.

  • Ratchet4ever

    Damn it, now i have to buy XBone. Insomniac, can u make this on ps4?!? I know that this is microsoft’s, but it looks like so mutch fun!!!

  • Ratchet4ever

    Insomniac needs to create a game that will beat the crap out of the last of us. like reistance 4 with Nathan Hale. That would be epic.

  • Ratchet4ever

    R&C A crack in time singleplayer+resistance 2 multiplayer=Insomniac FTW

  • Wildon Mijero

    love it

  • Ratchet4ever

    Ted, here is another idea.
    Give us a R&C on ps4 that is about Great war. Let us play as Kaden, Ratchet’s father, so we can learn the secrets of th lombax and cragmite history. Of course, make it with large scale multiplayer like your resistance.

    • jessica rabbit

      hell yea! forget all the online game play, keep it classic like ps2, but let’s play to know lombax history! something new, yet not so different from the rest where it would just suck.

  • Ratchet4ever

    Ted, here is another idea that some comments say:

    R&C as an open world shooter in metropolis, driving space cars, griding on rails with trains….Of course, make it with large scale multiplayer like your resistance.


    Make a ratchet and clank for ps4 that will blow our minds. Give it new weapons, keep the old ones, and show us some new faces. And please, please don’t make this game co-op centric like the latest two. By the way, the character in Sunset Overdrive looks a little weird.

    • Ratchet4ever

      Agreed with every single word 🙂

  • You dont deserve this game to succeed. Traitors.

    90% of the insomniac fanbase is PSexclusive owners. You made this for you`re minority. Nice to see being a fan since 1998 has really paid off. Not.

    • Ratchet4ever

      Hey, Insomniac is still independant. It’s not like they have joined Microsoft forever.

    • Eman666

      You are full of it, there traitors because of one game? how pathetic is your life if you get butt hurt what ever they dont care there still going to go on with this game. You drones are a bunch of miserable excuses of gamers and humans

  • Lt. Ratchet

    Resistance 4. Please. 🙁
    Ressurect the legend.

    • Lt. Ratchet

      Agreed, Resistance 4 is a must

  • Mudwaine

    Sunset Overdrive it’s not bad… but we wanna a Resistance 4 ! The Story are so… Epic !
    We <3 Nathan Hale ! I have a new script 4 you : The story of the son of Joseph Capelli, his life, his friends, his wife, his reaction at the dead of his father, and his mother, and his epic fight with the chimera ! And his react to learn the story of the serious business guy : Nathan Hale.

    But… Are you convinced ?
    I give you this script 4 free.

    -A fan of collision bug of RFOM.

    PS : I am French, but I am bad in English, Excuse my.

    • Lt. Ratchet

      I want a PSN avatar like this one

  • dgvgege


  • Alan Moore

    Please change the cover art for x box one sunset overdrive, IT IS AWFUL !

  • We are happy with how the game performed. More than happy with how it was received by both critics and fans.