Slow Down, Bull – Development Blog 7.30.14

Greetings everyone! Thanks to all who stopped by the chat last week for Rename-the-Bull-athon 2014!! We had a lot of fun discussion suggestions with all of you, and the team has narrowed it down to a short list of favorites:

  • Franklin
  • Esteban
  • Buster
  • Phillis
  • Rufus
  • Terry (oh the puns!)
  • Reginald/Reggie
  • Quinton/Quincy
  • Benson
  • Sir Benjamin Bullsworth
  • Bill
  • Bobert
  • Baltazar/Baltie
  • Constance
  • Felicity
  • Hyde
  • Blue

If you have an opinion on any of these, or have a last minute suggestion, tweet it to @SlowDownBull or post it in our forum thread. This Friday we will tell you which name we picked! This week on stream will mostly likely be me building a level, so you’ll get to see a lot of nitty-gritty editor process in Unity. Be sure to follow the Insomniac Twitch Channel to get notified about when we go live.

Pickup Art

Speaking of art, Dave has been doing passes on pickups for each area in the game. Our bull is collecting objects to use to beautify his art projects so they can be perfect. We’re trying out different objects in each area that would use to really spruce up a craft project (shells, buttons, bells, beads..), and changing up the sprites based on your multiplier, so it’s more easy to visualize the value of what you’re carrying around. Here’s a shot of some shells on the beach…



One interesting design challenge came up with the pickups. We originally wanted to try out actual craft objects for them with the more photoreal textures (the macaroni shells, some gemstones) but ran into some issues with them reading awkwardly. They didn’t stand out as things you could pick up, and looked like oddly placed environment objects. We decided to stick with the visual design that any interactable game element (the bull, the NPCs, the cat, the pickups) should be in the crayon style with the paper backing, and reserve the crafted materials for the environment. It helps push the two apart on the playfield to keep things clear.

So walls, ground, trees and hedges will all be crafted textures, such as our cottonball cloud wall:



But the characters and game elements will be crayon drawings on paper


Articles and Podcasts

Slow Down, Bull has shown up in a few places around the web, so check these out in case you missed them.

Indie Game Magazine interview about the project.

Spawn On Me Podcast where I talk about the project in addition to other general gaming going-ons.

Hope to see you in the stream this Friday!


  • joel

    Are u going to make a sunset overdrive game for the phone