SIGGRAPH: Real-time lighting via Light Linked List

Abdul Bezrati (Senior Engine Programmer) presented “Real-time lighting via Light Linked List” as part of the Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games at SIGGRAPH ’14.

This is a brief description of a new rendering technique developed at Insomniac Games called Light Linked List or simply LLL.
The LLL technique stores dynamic lights in a linked list accessible per-pixels for all the elements in a game scene.
The LLL not only speeds up real-time dynamic lighting it also makes it possible for transparent effects and particles to receive both lighting and shadowing.

Light Linked List.pptx

  • I was wondering why LLL could process transparent objects? My understanding is that LLL algorithm link light information about the current source pixel. But in the PPT, G-Buffer did not keep transparent objects normals information. Then Lighting stage, how to deal with transparent objects fragment?

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