Resistance 3 at E3 Trailer and Demo

Hey everyone,

We hope you just had a chance to watch the PlayStation Press Conference that just wrapped up at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena! We were extremely excited to be a part of the show with our live gameplay demo of Resistance 3. You may have also heard about that announcement of the Doomsday Edition of R3 – containing the game, the PlayStation Move controller, the Nav controller, the PlayStation Eye Camera, and the Sharpshooter – everything you need to have the complete Sharpshooter Resistance 3 experience at home on September 6th.

If you missed the conference, our stage demo took place in the streets of 1957 St. Louis. We catch up with Joseph Capelli as he works with a group of young rebels waging a guerilla war against the Chimera. This group calls themselves The Remnants, and Capelli joins forces with them to stage a daring Ambush on a Chimeran dropship, hoping to acquire its valuable power core. Things go bad quickly, and we jump forward in the interest of time to show you what happens when a third participant, a feral Chimeran Widowmaker, enters the battle.

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That’s not all we revealed today. This afternoon on SpikeTV, we premiered a brand new Resistance 3 trailer. Check that out here:

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Over the next three days, E3 attendees can join in on multiplayer matches set on our newly revealed Wales Seaside multiplayer map. We also have brought an updated version of our Haven Town Defense level, now in both 3D and with Move/Sharpshooter support. Can’t make it into E3 but live in LA itself? The updated Haven demo will also be available to play at the NIKE Vault, near the Staples Center and E3 itself in downtown Los Angeles.

Finally, many of you have asked to see the Mine Town Snipers segment of the game we showed to press at our April Media Day (Sid wrote about it here). The good news is we’ll be demoing the Mine Town Snipers single-player level on several live broadcasts – to find out when and where, stay tuned to Insomniac’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.


  • DarkRebel

    New trailer really captures the mood. Very nice!

  • LoneRanger

    There’s nothing like a little CQB to get the blood and adrenaline flowing!

  • Cloven

    i really like the trailer what i want to know tho is if there will be cloven in the game?

  • shotty2urbody

    This reminds me of Resistance fall of man.

  • injomama

    i bought battle la on blueray twice, no demo on either copy, r3 demo is the only reason i bought the movie. can u send me the demo code insomniac?