Ratchet & Clank (PS4): Trophy List


That wonderful time of year where we let those trophy hunters among you know what you’ll be searching for in advance.

As always, we don’t reveal hidden trophies – and ask you keep those spoilers to yourself!


The Hero of Heroes
Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank

GOLD (2):

Super Trader
Complete Every Holocard set



SILVER (14):

Complete the Game on Challenge Mode

Ultimate Explorer
Collect every gold bolt.

Full Gun Rack
Acquire every weapon in the game

Master of War
Upgrade every weapon to maximum level

These Go to Eleven
Unlock every modification for every weapon

Mr. Fancypants
Upgrade Ratchet’s health to maximum level

Acquire every gadget

Abby Normal
Collect every Telepathopus brain

Go Speed Ratchet, Go!
Win the Gold Cup on both Rilgar and Kalebo

Complete every Trespasser puzzle without using Autohack

Maximizing Potential
Upgrade one weapon to maximum level.

Faster Than a Speeding Ameoboid
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Riglar in under 1:35

Kalebo Thunder
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Kalebo in under 2:05

Kerwan Gladiator
Complete the Fitness Course on Kerwan in under 70 seconds


BRONZE (30):

Death by Disco
Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy

Trader in Training
Complete your first holocard set

Complete your first raritanium mod

Reach the maximum bolt multiplier in challenge mode

Trade in a set of duplicate holocards for a new one

25 Hidden Bronze Trophies (and nope, they aren’t all story related!)


  • Himank Kumar

    Noticed a typo under ‘Maximizing Potential’ : ‘Upgrade one* weapon to maximum level.’

  • Thenimp

    It could be “upgrade on”. Lol Can not wait to get this game, it has been far too long!

  • Bill_Cipher

    Sweet! Really excited for this.

  • <3

  • Eric Durwald

    So excited for this game keep up the great work Insomniac. And I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Ben Ray Dixon

    cant wait for this game i am such a big ratchet and clank fan i remember getting the first one for my birthday lol this will make me re live those memories in hd

  • Dink drink

    This looks like the biggest trophy list for any Ratchet and Clank game. Digging it. Just hope the Groovitron related trophy isn’t a grind.

    Also the Maximizing Potential trophy seems to have a spelling error.

    • Thanks, we fixed it.

  • HardcoreGamer210

    So excited! Thank you so much, Insomniac! Love you guys!

  • ThefaliESP
  • JusperX

    Can’t wait for the game!! 😀

  • Paulo Roberto

    Challenging! I love it! 😀

  • Grant Cranston

    Cant wait for the game! This looks awesome!!!

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  • Charlie “Chichiryuutei” Conte

    I love the “Abby Normal” trophy. Great reference to young Frankenstein.

  • Tim van der Meij

    It isn’t Kalebo III this time, interesting! Sorta!

  • Suika Ibuki

    No Skill Points?

    • LittleBigSpikey

      Skill Points are probably some of the 25 hidden trophies. I remember the HD Collection having some skill points as trophies which gave away how to get those skill points, hence why they’re probably hidden trophies now so you’re not sure how to get a certain skill point.

      • Suika Ibuki

        you could be right, we will see it in 3 weeks

  • TheRowses

    C’mon guys. Everyone’s seen the mistake on Maximising Potential but nobody’s picked up on the glaring error in “Faster than a Speeding Amoeboid”. Rilgar not Riglar. Good job though Insomniac, I’m hyped! And how come there’s no simultaneous release? NZ fans are wanting it on the twelfth too!

    • LittleBigSpikey

      I’m an NZ fan also, thats why I bought it from the US Store so I get to play it on the 12th! 😛

      • TheRowses

        Oh you fiend! That’s devilishly clever. But I prefer my physical copies. I assume you’re getting the digital version?

        • Nathan Josephs

          us digital version is actually cheaper than ours too. lol and you get a ps theme with it you cant get elsewhere.

          • TheRowses

            Well goddamnit. That’s some horse manure right there.

      • LurkingLeanne

        Hehe the same thing I did also! 😀 No way I’m waiting 8-10 extra days for the game, haha. Wonder how long it’ll take to download with our NZ broadband though… although I also purchased the NZ physical copy because I’m a collector (and I want to give it more support too) 🙂

  • Motinator

    Ratchet and Clank games have my favourite trophy lists. Never too easy, but they also never have those couple painful/stupid/annoying ones that many games have.

  • vgvgvgvg

    aww yeah

  • keithealy (Zenobyte)

    Lovely trophy list! Not too hard yet a few that will no doubt be a bit challenging. Gonna have fun getting this plat!

  • Emiya Einzbern

    I really hope we are going to be able to upgrade our armor in the game, perhaps that might be one of the hidden trophies? Nonetheless I am ecstatic to see how close we are to actually being able to once again enjoy the wonderment of Ratchet&Clank.

    • Kane

      Maybe to upgrade our health entirely we need to buy new armour

    • Panda__Lover

      the original game did not have upgradable armor. you just spend a ton of money for two health powerups and that’s it.

  • RezaQin

    Can’t bloody wait.

  • CrashmanX

    Question: Will Skill points be making a return?

  • Vittorio D’Antuono

    Another easy-peasy Platinum! Thanks, Insomniac 🙂

  • Drebz

    Sooooo…no arena combat? 🙁