Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Live Stream

Hey folks,

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is a return to the classic single-player Ratchet gameplay and story you’ve all been asking for. But you don’t need to take my word for it, Insomniac will be hosting a live stream on our Twitch.TV channel with Creative Director Brian Allgeier. We’ll play through the Gamescom demo and answer YOUR burning questions about the game. Join us Wednesday, August 28th, at 4pm EDT/1pm PDT at www.twitch.tv/insomniacgames for what should be an awesome hour of Ratchet fun.

If you want to submit your questions for the live stream, you can do so right here. And we’ll do our best to answer as many of them during the livestream as possible. Submit your questions by leaving a comment below.

For a little taste of what you’ll see during the live stream, you can check out this demo highlights video that features commentary from Brian Allgeier.

Many gamers got to go hands-on with the Lombax’s latest adventure last weekend at Gamescom. And those of you heading to Seattle and PAX this weekend will get a chance to play too. Be sure to swing by the Sony booth and experience Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus! After you play, let us know what you think via our Twitter or Facebook account.


  • Tim van der Meij

    Livestream on my birthday? Cool!

  • Evan Andre’ Williams

    1. Can you crouch in this game like previous R&Cs?
    2. Can you perform long jumps (not the stretch jump) with Clank (where you crouch and then jump for a higher reach)?

  • Iam Chris

    Long time Ratchet & Clank fan here , im so excited for this game so here’s my question .. Is Multiplayer going to return like in Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal or Ratchet Deadlock? if not will it have Multiplayer?

    • UltimateXsniper

      No multiplayer. It’s only a single player game.

  • Linkinito

    The thruster-pack seems to have completely disappeared since ACIT… Any chance to see it back?

    • Evan Andre’ Williams

      It’s actually been gone since ToD lol

      • I think he means the hover boots.

        • Linkinito

          No no, Thruster Pack. It was present in ToD, and was removed in ACIT.

          • Alex S.

            I’ve been asking this since the start since I saw this was a return to the traditional style of gameplay and since they bringing were back the Heli-Pack, then you should be able to switch between the two modes? and also I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed it’s absence in ACIT as I was very disappointed me, But I hope they do bring it back cause I just miss long jumping around the levels with the Thruster-Pack as a means of travel

          • Evan Andre’ Williams

            Then it was removed in QfB lol

  • Amber Cunningham

    What species is Vendra and Neftin Prog? I’m really curious 😀

  • NameerK

    Big R&C fan, how long exactly will the campaign be?Is the length comparable to deadlocked??? Will there be side quests like in UYA, Deadlocked and ACiT??

  • Mustafa Kamal

    release date please ?

  • NameerK

    Oh and, will the Thugs 4 Less leader make a comeback??

  • Andreas-2502

    For those of us who already posted our questions at the forum, there is no need 4 us to post again here, right? 😛

    Oh, and if I’m not mistaken, the stream will be 10PM GMT+2.

  • jorge

    is there going to be a vita version?

  • Jonathan Barett

    Anything planned concerning ratchet and clank for the ps4 release? 😉

  • A world so Dark.

    Hi Insomniac,This Abdullah from Saudi Arabia,Been a fan since the game cam out,Any way what can we expect new from the game,and what will the story be about?Thank you.

  • Jonas Nikolai Moe Mageroy

    Is there a chance we’ll see Ratchet searching for the lombaxes in Nexus? Or perhaps in a new game after Nexus? This is my biggest wish in all things video game related.

  • Pyreflies of MJ

    Considering the close of A4O, will Nefarious possibly appear as an ally in Nexus, or future games? I mean, they fist-bumped and everything, it has to happen, lol.

  • ThomasMul10

    Hey, I have a question! What sort side activities will we be seeing in Into the Nexus? An arena, or racing perhaps? Thanks insomniac! =D

  • danganJu

    When will be the release date? Will you make any spin-offs after this game for PS3? Also, is Into the Nexus the last chapter before a new PS4 age? Thanks ^_^

  • Jonathan Barett

    Will the RYNO return?

    • Linkinito

      I guess this is a question they will not answer, it’s way too much of a secret :p

      • Jonathan Barett

        We can hope that they will answer xD

  • firemagma122

    Will you be able to fly ships to the area you wanted like in a crack in time?

  • Jonathan Barett

    Will Big al finally make a return?!

  • Russell Carlos Frey

    Hello Insomniac! First off I want to say I think it’s great that you guys are going for a spookier tone with this game because I think it could really bring up some great and hysterical situations throughout the game. As for my question, are we going to be seeing a return of the Lombaxes?

  • Deshon Shears

    Will you still be supporting Full Frontal Assault? and what are your thoughts on a thug skin pack?

  • Emily Wahlstrom

    Will any characters from the PS2 era make a return in this game?

  • Wesley Powell

    Is Michael Bross doing the soundtrack? I love the music he did on All 4 One. Also will we see a return of the hover boots?

    • Linkinito

      It’s 99% sure he’ll compose it.

  • Wesley Powell

    Am I correct in saying that the ratchet model looks more like the model we saw in Full Frontal Assault? I personally actually prefer that model! And if so, why go with that style instead of the FUTURE style model?

  • Ross Cloney

    will this game be an opening to new Ratchet and Clank games in the future? e.g. game ending on a cliffhanger?

  • Linkinito

    Will we be able to customize our weapons with mods and unique items?

  • Chimene

    Will there be anything like the ‘races’ in the older games? Like the hover board and hover bike races? I loved those and thought they were a great addition to the gameplay.

  • Alex S.

    I’ve noticed that you’ve brought back clanks Heli-Pack for gliding around the levels will the Thruster-Pack also make its return and will you be able to switch between which one you prefer to use like in the older games?

  • Aurelombax

    The Watter Physic is Back in Nexus ?

  • Immanuel Monroe

    Are we going to get any information on Ratchet’s dad in this game? ACIT kind of left me curious. Also, are we going to get to upgrade our weapons to omega status like in Up your Arsenal?

    • Alexander Sollinger Sundberg

      This game is the grand final in the ‘Future’ saga.

  • Douglas Roque

    any chance of the game dubbed in Portuguese out of Brazil? (sorry for my bad english)

  • Robin Pierre

    Is it be possible to customize weapons / gadgets, Ratchet’s armor or the starship?

  • Austin Barwegen

    will it be for ps3 or ps4 or both?

    • Alexander Sollinger Sundberg

      Ps3 confirmed, don’t know if Ps4.

    • Nick Tsak

      ps3 only

  • Wesley Powell

    Will there be any sort of pre-order bonus?

  • Simon Larsen

    Will there be a arena?

  • Deshon Shears

    Will you still be supporting Full Frontal Assault? and what are your thoughts on a thug skin pack?

  • Simon Larsen

    Will you try die in game? Not by falling but killed by a enemy 😉

  • Ben Phillips

    1. What does the upcoming movie mean for the future of the series? Will we be getting reboots? A movie tie-in game? Or is the series going to carry on as usual?

    2. What lessons were learned from previous games and how have they shaped Into the Nexus?

    3. This game is supposed to tie up a lot of loose ends in the series, but is there anything left that WON’T be resolved yet?

    4. What will the range of environments be like in this game? Is it all based around 1 or 2 areas or will we have multiple diverse planets to explore?

    5. Will there be any benefits to players that have previously played other games in the series such as the old “discounts for playing the previous game” system?

    I realize this is a lot of questions but I would be extremely grateful is even 1 of them could be answered.

    EDIT: Mis-read the date, already missed my chance, oops

  • Jonathan

    After gravity they should try portals. Unless valve patented portals.

  • Midnight1032 .

    wow,I can’t wait for this game to come out 🙂

  • Nick Tsak

    Can’t wait to play this game!Hope is longer than the FFA (Qforce in Europe)

  • Spacey

    Cant wait for this to play it! 😀


    Day 1 buy for me, Ratchet & Clank never let’s down.

  • mac299

    I hope it has cheat codes

  • Chazzy180

    i bet we are gonna be able to save the lombaxes in this game or at least get halfway there