Patch 2.05 for the Resistance 3 Beta

Hey folks,

Very shortly from the time of this writing (5:45 pm, PST on 8/30/11) – Patch 2.05 will rollout to the Resistance 3 Beta servers.  This may be our last patch to the beta, as all of our efforts are focused on ensuring that our final game runs as well as it can next week. Keep in mind that our beta patches have been meant to address critical issues, MANY more polish, optimizations, bug fixes and tweaks have gone into our Day 1 patch (including things like death cam fixes, additional lag fixes, menu bugs, etc).

So what does Patch 2.05 do?

Patch 2.05 notes:
-General stability fixes
-Various freeze bugs fixed
-Some issues in the game that cause lag/framerate issues addressed

We know we still have a few other outstanding issues left to deal with for the final game, like lag caused by certain weapons/items. We’re working to ensure those are fixed for the final game. We also know parties are still having issues staying together, and we are working to address those issues as well.

As we mentioned before, the release version of R3 should be even better than this final beta experience, with additional polish, and fixes. We know it hasn’t been the smoothest beta period, but we appreciate all of your efforts in helping us test our new servers and multiplayer. As a token of our gratitude, all players who play between today and September 4th will receive special bonuses when the final game launches – you can find details about that here. We also revealed that on Day 1 we will have a special Classic Hardcore ranked matchmaking playlist for those of you who like your Resistance 3 Ability/Berserk free.

Thanks again for all of your help testing the beta, we hope you enjoy playing the R3 Beta and are looking forward to the full game’s release (along with the 10 additional maps in the retail game) next week.



  • Rise_Up44

    east coast time zone..MA ..every time i try and update to the 2.05 from the update screen it goes to a blank black screen and freezes my ps3 the only way to get out of it is to power everythign off then retry..i did find one way to fix this is when it tells you to update to 2.05 press the O back button and it lets you go on without it entering the game then again it prompts you to update on that second time then ok it and it will automatically update and evertyings ok so far now

  • Rise_Up44

    i played the early beta the first day and i do have to compliment your team on the huge difference in play and how much better it has become. i am truly now impressed and sold now rather than being up in the air before..thanks for giving us an awesoem preview of a great game i cant wait

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