Outernauts: Sector 7 & No Energy


Outernauts, our first venture outside of the standard consoles space, entered closed beta almost a year ago.  My, my how time flies when you are radically updating the game with new features, beasts, and bug fixes!  Seriously, though, it’s been an exciting year where we have evolved the game into the ultimate experience we want it to be. It’s been an invaluable period of learning and growth for us.

Much of that growth has been because of all you passionate fans. Your feedback, bug reports, and gripes have all helped us craft what Outernauts is today. So, we want to thank you for your continued support through the development of the game. It truly means the galaxy to us.

However, just saying “Thank you” is pretty cheap! We’d rather show it to you! So, today we have dropped our biggest content update to Outernauts yet. More story, more beasts, more arenas, more planets, more…fun! Let’s go through it.

  • New Sector – “The Final Frontier” – In the space-time altering mess of a chapter in Outernauts, Axel Sludge learns how to harness the Time Portals of the Ancients to remake the galaxy in his image! Outernaut’s hardest sector yet will have players searching for the truth about the Ancients, Inlarga, and the nature of the galaxy itself.
  • New Worlds – Discover brand-new planets, as well as some radically altered versions of fan favorites.
  • New Beasts – There are all-new roaming beasts to capture and train. So…go do that!
  • New Arena – Battle through more challenges and win more prizes!
  • No Energy – We basically made Energy irrelevant a few months ago, but now it is officially gone from the game. Bye, lightning bolts!

All this new content should keep you busy for a LONG while – and then a little while after that.  Look for beast and quest updates in the future, but this is definitely the prime course of our content offering.

So, enjoy it! You deserve it after all the help you have given us.  Meanwhile, we’ll be working away on new beasts and Outernauts Mobile. Look for exciting information on that in the future.

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Thanks, again!

  • Thanks Jimmy! Great update.

  • Chase the Ace

    Now, if we can only get this on Vita….

  • Twoblud

    I think I will start playing again! Great Update!

  • gourav

    i win against inlarga and axel in time continuum breach quest..but naw i have some error in my game…please help me

    Player ID: 44416352 Build: v_weekly_update_1366413880

  • Furry Fury

    please allow us to revisit sector 7 after we complete it. we were told we could not access sector 1-6 again until we beat sector 7 ,but i was never told i would lose access to sector 7 when i beat it. there is so much stuff i wanted to do there which i had put off until i beat the sector 7 storyline which i now cant go back and do.

  • Wartunex

    how to get gems without money???????