Outernauts Closure

Hey Outernauts,

It is with sadness that we announce the sunsetting of Outernauts for iOS and Android. What does that mean? Starting today, we have removed all in-app purchases (IAPs) from the game. We have also dramatically increased the amount of free Star Gems in the game, so everyone should have a healthy supply of them. Then, on February 1, 2016 we will officially shut down all servers to the game and remove it from the app stores. At that point you will no longer be able to play Outernauts.

We would like to thank the millions of fans around the world who have played Outernauts since its inception on Facebook back in 2012. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your passion for the game as it evolved onto Kongregate, and eventually Apple and Android mobile devices. We especially loved chatting with you in Global, and battling alongside you. It has been an amazing experience getting to know as many of you as we did.

The Outernauts universe has gone through many changes over the years. It has been a labor of love for us. We truly cannot thank our spectacular community of fans enough for helping us evolve both the browser and mobile versions of the game. Unfortunately, the current player count cannot keep up with the ongoing server costs. We hope you understand and it will be very hard to say goodbye. We realize there are still passionate fans playing the game daily who invested a lot into it.

Again, THANK YOU for helping us tame the galaxy. Outernauts HQ, signing off.



Why are you shutting the servers down?
The current player count no longer offsets the server and production costs.

How long do I have to play?
You have until February 1, 2016. At that point the servers will go offline.

Will tournaments and Alliance Challenges continue?
All Outernauts functions (except the IAPs via the Loot Shop) will remain until the servers go offline. This includes weekly tournaments, special tournaments and Alliance Challenges.

Will I be able to play the game if still installed AFTER it is removed from the app stores?
No. Outernauts requires a server connection. Once the game is removed from the stores, the servers and game will no longer function. You can remove the app from your device at that point.

I want a refund!
Outernauts was always free-to-play. We cannot give refunds for IAPs and we are giving those who have made purchases some lead time before the servers go offline. All refund requests must be directed to Apple and Google Play directly.

  • Dreddi1

    Awww man 🙁 I’ve had a great time with this game, started all the way back in 2012. Sad to see it disappear completely but it’s understandable.

  • Slim Cognito


  • John Earl

    Will Insomniac have another iOS game?

  • Flyinseamnky

    Well there goes two years of daily game play, and collecting down the toilet. It’s one thing when you get frustrated with a game and stop playing. It’s another when the game will no longer let you play, and now you’re frustrated.

  • TheHerobrineSeed

    Thats sad but it was a great game

  • Zhuinden

    Truth be told, I’m not that surprised. The transition to iOS/Android pretty much took out everything from the game that made it fun and/or interesting. Sorry to hear it though, the browser version was pretty good, despite its performance issues as a result of Flash. I used to have a 8* Tescat, for example. It was fun times.

  • apartment42

    On the off chance anyone from the team I knew, or anyone in game sees this, all the best and thanks for the memories 🙂 Cheers, Hoopy Frood Apartment42

  • Facundo Moreno

    Well look im going to try to do this quickest as i can…The first time i played it in kongregate i said no WAY this game is superawesomeineedtoplayitfortherestofmylifejskjdf,jfckd but then i saw a fatific morning of march the notice that the game was going to be closed in 2 days then tears started to rocket out of my eyes and i was repeating to myself how a game so intense and goodcould be closed.
    Months later i saw that the game was going to relaunch in android and ios(cuz well you know im not premium in kong)so i decided to go right up to the android store and i downloaded it the quickest as my phone could proces it,when it finished downloaded i didnt even think about it and open it…and when i see it…well i was kinda disAPPointed by the change that it passed to be from a brand new open sandbox world where you can catch everything you see to an…(ughj)game of upgrade your islands and pass the most part of the time watching your 3 or 4 monsters produce coins in an habitat,i really didnt like the new outernauts but i couldnt get angry because well its outernauts after all
    i really didnt play too much that version cuz the things that i said before.
    And months later i saw the notice that every single server of outernauts was going to be closed and the game was going to be out of play store so again i cried and cried and…yeah cried so i played it to the limit time and now…well i hope as many other people the date that newly outernauts will be relaunche as the good old open world that was at first.
    PS:thanks for all this fun years from me and my cousins from Argentina (sorry if my english is a little rusty)a humongous hug and thanks to all the supporters and programers of the game.

    And im going to wait until outernauts is released again 😀

  • BearFangs

    Is Outernauts ever coming back?… I miss it so much…