Outernauts is Now Available in the App Store!

Hey everyone! I am Stephanie, the Senior Community Manager here at Insomniac. (I am still sorta new here at the studio and this is my first post! No pressure!)

The studio is currently buzzing with activity, and it’s not just because E3 is right around the corner. We’re proud to announce that the very first Insomniac Games mobile title, Outernauts, has arrived in the App Store! Download the game in the App Store here.

As part of the launch of the game, we had Project Manager Ed whip up a blog post about bringing Outernauts to mobile devices.

Take it away, Ed!


Toward the middle of 2012 we decided to develop a mobile game, something we had no experience with.  This was a very exciting and daunting task because the mobile market is extremely different than the console market we are so familiar with.  However, the team was very excited to bring the characters and humor we love so much from the browser version of Outernauts to the mobile platform. We also looked forward to refining the gameplay to compliment the touch input on mobile devices and shorter play sessions common for mobile games.

Before we started on development, the team got together and discussed what we felt were the most fun elements of the browser game.  After much contemplation, many stare contests, and some heated breakdancing battles we decided to focus on breeding and battling. Building a customizable beast army to battle with is what we enjoyed most and what we felt our fans would want showcased in the mobile version.

We believe that the changes we made to battle not only allowed for quicker, more action-packed battles, but also has the potential for deep strategy.  For example, each beast has different skills that can be selected during evolution.  Depending on the skill selected it can be paired with other beast’s skills on your team to create effective combinations.  The placement of a beast in your team formation can also impact the effectiveness of your strategy.  Our mantra became “easy to pick up but difficult to master” and we are very excited to see what kind of strategies you, our fans, devise.  Our hope is to build a community of players that love the game as much as we do and feel like part of our team – sharing their stories, providing feedback, and making the game better and better.

We hope to see you form or join an alliance for some heated PVP rivalries, and maybe even show off your favorite beast in our forums. If you have any feedback on the game, please let us know too. We’re listening eagerly, including our new community leader, Stephanie.  Let’s get to it and tame the galaxy together!


  • Matthew Moreno

    I got suspended from my account for no reason i even spent 5$ on this game and now i cant play can i get some help

  • Raoul Rodriguez

    Nice to have Outernauts back! Really enjoyed the game and the depth. The iOS version is different, but you managed to keep a good amount of the depth in the translation to a touch interface. Still getting accustomed to the changes, but overall I can see me spending a lot of time with my old fuzzy/scaly/feathery friends. 🙂

    So far, there is only one thing I would change, and that is the return of “Energy”. “Stop getting in the way of people who love the game who are trying to play the game” was a lesson that you learned last time when you ramped down the energy requirement in Outernauts before, and then the game REALLY opened up (and I spent more money) when you got RID of the energy requirement completely.

    So… wow, the Energy requirement is back. Oh. Joy. You call it “fuel” now, but it is the EXACT SAME game/fun killing barrier that energy was. iOS devices might be friendly to short “pick up and play for 3 minutes” games, but DON’T FORCE US TO ONLY PLAY FOR 3 MINUTES. If I want to sit and play (and $pend!) time with the game… LET ME.

    Biggest example that I hit this morning… I scrimped, I saved, I PvPed to get enough lunar to upgrade my ship to level 3…. I was incentivized to increase my ship level because I was going from 40 fuel capacity to 60! Sweet! I was going to be able to go from 3 PvP battles per tank to 4 (or 5)! Nice! Except….. that didn’t happen. That didn’t happen at ALL. I actually went DOWN in the number of PvPs I engage in, the Fuel/Energy search cost DOUBLED(!), and THE COST OF ENERGY/FUEL TO PVP WENT UP(!!!) 50%!!?!? With searches factored in… I can only PvP 2, MAYBE 3 times now, and I have to wait EVEN LONGER before I can get back to the sweet sweet battling action. REALLY?!?!? What a BIG *HUGE* “F-YOU!” for saving 100,000 lunar to upgrade my ship! “Congrats! You appear to really like playing this game, you managed to save the maximum amount of lunar, let us just go ahead and slap you in the face for you effort.”

    Thankfully I was able to get my wife to stop her ship upgrade before she got screwed with the “enhancement”.

    Energy was a BAD BAD idea before, and you learned that lesson (it took you months and months, but you eventually learned it), and now… it is back. Using fuel for exploring the planets is fine, but the fuel requirement for PvP needs to STOP (again! You learned that lesson before!!!). If nothing else, get rid of the energy/fuel cost for PvP battling and only spend it for searching.

    And if you are going to have a fuel requirement for PvP *DON’T INCREASE THE FUEL COST TO PvP WHEN YOU UPGRADE YOUR SHIP!!!!!

    I can’t believe someone thought it was a good idea to move the damn goalposts when you upgrade your ship… that is almost the whole reason TO UPGRADE, to get a bigger fuel/explore capacity!

    Oh well. It is something you WILL change (again) in the future as you tweak the game, I just hope it won’t take you months to do it this time.

    Love the game, just keep the playing field level as we take the time and money to upgrade our ships/beasts.

  • Raoul Rodriguez

    Oh, just thought about the stuff I like in the game so you don’t think I am just all gripe and complaint.

    The breeding looks to be fun and interesting, I REALLY like the changes you made to the pairing! We can see the known outcomes of breeding and the rarity beast probability! THANK YOU!!!

    I can see me spending Star Gems for breeders/incubators (or egg storage!), but I am holding onto my wallet until you fix the energy/fuel ass-hattery that is going on right now.

  • Andy

    You guys gonna fix the connection issue?