Outernauts Design-A-Beast Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winner of our first Outernauts Design-A-Beast contest! There were tons of amazing entries and you guys completely blew us away with your creativity. If we could, we would put them ALL in the game! But alas, there can be only one (cue the Highlander blu-ray). We narrowed the entries down to the Top 5 and then put it to a vote internally. Without further ado, your winner is Yasmin Down (aka Melazzee) of the United Kingdom!

Congrats on your Chixxor/Gyraptor beast. We will be designing it to fit the game and will post an update when it is ready to go live. Yasmin will receive a signed one-of-a-kind print featuring her in-game character, along with some other in-game prizes.


We asked Yasmin a few questions:

What inspired you to create Chixxor?
A few weeks back, a friend told me about some wacky experiment that was done where they tried to reverse the DNA of a chicken. It actually worked too, it began to grow teeth and a long tail! This inspired me to create a beast along similar lines. The reason it is tech type is because I felt there needed to be some more tech loving, and the fire aspect is because there’s nothing more awesome than a fiery mutant dino chicken!

How long did it take you to draw it?
About 6 hours… partly because the computer crashed but that’s okay, redoing the image a second time made me come up with a better design There was originally 3 evolutions, but I realised the stage one evo was unnecessary so I didn’t draw it again.

What is currently your favorite beast in Outernauts?
Xyzor. Not sure why but his design really appeals to me! Kinda reminds me of a prawn!

How long have you been playing Outernauts?
Pretty much since it first went into Beta, not really sure how long ago that was now!

Any other hobbies besides playing games?
Art, 3D modelling and trips to the cinema

While Yasmin is the winner, we also wanted to share the rest of the Top 5 (in no particular order). The team loved them all and there is a chance we will be putting more of these in the game as well! Thanks for participating and keep the creative juices flowing. Who knows when we might call upon them again!


  • Kewl!

  • wow, i prefer the cow & the last 0ne

  • setu0

    yeah i like that worm!

  • i like the whale

  • Mike

    Dear Ratchet and Clank department.

    I am a major fan of your Ratchet and Clank series and have been following it from the beginning. The stories have been amazing and I believe that the series has the ability to go on for years to come. But there are some trends that I have noticed in the Ratchet and Clank fan universe, some suggestions for future games have been made and I believe that if you incorporate those into your new games it will increase its success.

    The new direction that you have taken with the characters starting with All 4 One is a neat idea, but many fans believe that you are straying from what makes it a true Ratchet and Clank game. The character designs from the Future series where amazing, I mean stunning. If it is possible to bring them back I’m sure many fans would be happy. Also the classic handling and game controls and features are really missed.

    Seem requests for a new game are that you make the Ratchet and Clank game into one large universe that is open. If you have ever had experience playing a Just Cause game where you can traverse an entire city free roam and activate missions whenever you want that is what we’re talking about. Or like a Spiderman game where you can travel throughout the entire city. In the game you could allow Ratchet to call the Aphelion whenever and for him to fly around Metropolis free will. The multiplayer feature is cool too, you could have Clank detach from Ratchet’s back when another controller is turned on, but only make it two player maximum.

    When the player wants to leave the planet all they have to do is fly into the sky ad they exit the planet and enter space where they can warp just like in A Crack in Time. The story is also something that should be improved. Ratchet and Clank has always been about an epic story that everyone gets involved in, lately after the amazingly epic Future series, the story has certainly been not as good. People don’t care as much about the shoot em up as they do the fun experience. Make the game a good one, no fluff.

    If you could possibly reveal more about Ratchet’s past or the Lombax’s that would be amazing. The fans want to see more Lombax’s. Another big thing that I always hear about is customization. Everyone wants to customize their armor or ship design and colour. You can allow people to buy pieces of armor or get old armor sets from past games. The Ratchet and Clank Size Matters game was great for the fact that you could choose to wear different pieces of armor and mix outfits.

    Some past missed gadgets are the Robo wings that clank received from the Zoni Ratchet could fly all over the city. Make sure that Ratchet is able to land his ship wherever provide extreme freedom, with unlock able areas as you progress in the story.

    Vendors can be posted around the city in flying ships or building store fronts where Ratchet can go to purchase the latest upgrades. The best part that I think would make the fans happy is the fact that you can also provide a feature where the entire city goes live and people can join in on PSN and play online. If you experiment with more of the Lombax history and maybe even bring them back into the normal dimention people could customize their own Lombax and play online with their character.

    Thank you so much for listening to my suggestions that were aided by your billions of fans. I have taken all of the fan made suggestions and given them to you on a plate. We all want to see the Ratchet and Clank series survive, it has been an amazing life changing series and it must continue. Please note that changing the character designs back to the future series versions would please many including me! Thanks again.

    Huge Fan

  • Chixxor has a typo in its description: “it’s own” should be “its own,” with no apostrophe. 🙂 Anyway I keep on going back to Outernauts, it’s the only game I’ve ever sunk any amount of time into on Facebook! Keep up the great work Insomniac!

  • David

    Wow that sounds amazing Mike, I have always wanted a Ratchet and Clank game like that!

  • Mike

    Hey Insomniac team, regarding my last comment I was wondering if you could email me a response at michaellounsbury@live.com

  • Daniel Cybart

    como se entra no esta mas el juego