Important Outernauts Browser Update


Over the past year and a half, millions of fans around the world have explored the galaxy, captured an ever-expanding variety of exotic beasts, and battled one another in Outernauts. What began as a one-person experiment took on a life of its own.  And we’ve learned so much! Being our first browser and free-to-play title, Outernauts experienced some growing pains (remember when we used to have Energy?), but we are truly proud of it and the evolution it has gone through. Part of that evolution came from suggestions from our fans and their constant passion. We are forever thankful.

However, the time has come for us to create a new Outernauts adventure that will be available on iOS. While we’d love to be able to keep running Outernauts on Facebook, Kongregate AND iOS, we simply don’t have the resources to do so at our high standards.  What does that mean?  Honestly, it means we wouldn’t be able to create new content for all three platforms and more importantly, properly address player inquiries.  We have to pick where we focus, and we’re going to focus on iOS (and eventually Android).

So, we have made the difficult decision to shut down Outernauts on Facebook and Kongregate on January 31st in order to concentrate on making our iOS version the very best it can be. As of right now, we have stopped in-game purchases and will offer triple the purchased Star Gems to those who bought them within the past 24-48 hours. In addition, we will soon announce a detailed rewards structure as a thank-you to the many dedicated Outernauts browser players who may wish to try Outernauts on iOS. This is important to us, as we have come to really connect with the hardcore Outernauts community members. We want to make sure you stick with us and continue enjoying and helping make the franchise better.

We understand this news may come as a surprise to our players.  We know some of you may be upset, and we truly apologize for that.  You can reach us on the forums, via social media, or through this e-mail ( Please know that we are always listening.  We hope our pending rewards will serve as a token of our gratitude and will at least encourage you to try Outernauts on iOS.  Speaking of which, we have overhauled the game, while retaining the core charm and features of the original. That means it’s a more streamlined experience focusing primarily on breeding and battles — with more beasts, worlds, missions and well…more.  In other words, we’ve evolved Outernauts specifically for iOS.  This ain’t no simple port. We’re very excited about it here.

Thank you, from the entire Outernauts team, for your understanding. We hope you’ll continue to tame the galaxy with us again soon!

– IG

P.S. – Yes. Perchie and Pudoo are in Outernauts iOS. Maybe with a little extra flair…

  • Robert Montague

    I do not own any apple products and I’m not going to buy any anytime soon. I have over 500 star gems (many of which I’ve bought) and I’m feeling like I’m just getting screwed out of what I bought. I’m not happy given the amount of time and money I’ve put into the game. Even if you gave me all of the creatures I own in the main game as credits or whatever to buy eggs, I’ll probably end up getting duplicates and I’d still have to level the creatures over again. This sucks.

  • Larry Madden Trost

    I spent money and loads of time on this game! Thanks a bunch for screwing loyal customers!

    • Brandon Winfrey

      We know people are disappointed, and we are truly sorry about that. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we hope you have enjoyed the past 1.5 years with the game. We love our loyal customers – and that’s why we have implemented a reward plan for Outernauts mobile. We want to retain as much of the hardcore community as we can becasue it’s honestly the best part about the game. Now, we know that some people can’t/won’t try out the mobile version, but hopefully the money and time you spend in the browser version was well worth it.

      Thanks and sorry again.

      • Larry Madden Trost

        NOT! I don’t play games on a phone, or tablet. So good bye IG, will never play your products again!

      • Jason Davis

        What is this reward plan? Replacing all of our epics and legends in addition to all of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crystals used to boost them? Or here is 100 Sg’s for your loyalty?

    • Abac22

      When you spend money on online games there is always the possibility of something like this happening.

      Easy come, easy go.

      Take this as a lesson and spend smarter next time.

  • zekececil14

    But…… I don’t have iOS or Android!!!! You guys should bring it to the PS Vita…..

  • Diana Schiefelbein

    Oh well, I figured something like this might happen! I wish you guys the best of luck–hey, if the game takes off and makes lots of money, maybe you can come out with a PC version. I’ll miss the adventures, and miss my monsters. And Facebook won’t be seeing much of me anymore, since Outernauts was the only reason I went there. Good luck!

  • Christa Barnett

    This news is horrible! I spent money on this game, only to be screwed over. I sure hope this is made right or I may have to dispute some charges!!

  • Mohammed

    when outernauts will be upgraded the accounts will be reset?

  • Patrick Machauer

    I guess it was never meant to let the final game run as a flash game on FB/Kong from the start. It was just some sort of testfield because you can have a lot of beta testers here that work for you for free to help debugging the game. Now they just close it down and open it up as the final product on another platform where you must pay for it. I had this feeling since they announced the IOS version.

  • raqk

    I know a 2 man team, running a much larger mmo by themselfs. they update it weekly and have it available for mac/pc/android/ios
    just a little dissapointed…

    • Arthur

      What is?

  • Jason Davis

    This seems like an incredibly short sighted decision. Barring a port over of people beasts that they sunk lots of money and hundred’s of hours building since day 1 ( I personally have 3* of all but 1 epic and 2 ½ legends) you are going to be bombarded with negative feedback on the iOS system before it even launches. There are hundreds of players on here and Facebook and likely Kong who have devoted hundreds of hours playing for, game testing and dealing with all of the glitches to get ON to the game it is now.

    Our reward is thanks for play testing and paying to help develop this game but your services are no longer required. Here is some extra star gems which hold no value as the game ends in a few weeks.

    I for one feel extremely slighted and am certain to take whatever game/feedback forums are out there to let them know how Outernauts treats loyalty. You would be foolish to think that this will not happen in big numbers. I guess on the bright side you could usurp Electronic Arts for the coveted worst company

  • Arthur

    Ok, I spent money too, but if you releasing to android and goes to play offline to dig and breeding, are forgiven. Please

  • Sad to see a great game finish its lifecycle but so excited about iOS. I can’t wait!

  • Arthur

    Only be forgiven by me before issuing a version that runs offline and is automatically updated when on. for thus do not run the risk of losing thousands of hours of gameplay. And for helping to a Friend Johnny FIEV data to update your website to make the best of Outernauts. Spent money, time, what I get in return? Cake and sweets in the Outernauts home in the last update? I’m talking big time since I started playing, all day leveling, digging and breeding 8-12h/day. At the very least you could leave a standalone offline version for PC, Mac to our account.

  • Worldof Wandag

    Hey, I play games knowing FULL well that they’ll end one day… or that I’ll STOP playing them one day. We ALL know that. And yet we still spend money and time on it. Why? because we enjoy it NOW. Consider your favorite mmo’s that simply EXPANDED… and you spent so much time trying to get the best gear and now it’s outdated with the expansion. All that time and work and you KNEW FULL WELL it would be outdated in a year. You did it anyway. Why?

  • Neilinho

    Moral of this story… if you want a game you get to keep, avoid ‘free to play’ trash which will be shut down as soon as the developers decide you don’t make them enough money, and buy a proper game instead.

    • Worldof Wandag

      This is VERY not true. If you only knew the back story to this game you’d realize they shoulda shut this down A LOOOONG time ago. But what they saw was there were people in the community that were passionate about this game and BECAUSE OF THEM and because of their genuine love for the community they maintained it, updated it, bugged it, stopped hackers, and basically tried their best to keep it interesting ALL THE WHILE knowing full well it wasn’t really doing a thing for their wallets. What would you have a company like INSOMNIAC GAMES do then?

  • Ontar

    Hmm, I am wondering about why you would consider this game as “trash” in your eyes, while you obviously played the game, and even took the time to visit the forums to post this comment. I’m with Wandag on this one, IG has given us a great game over the past year and a half, which we all enjoyed a lot. We all saw the player base shrink, and in a way, if you weren’t wearing a blindfold, you could have seen this coming. As to your statement on “not making enough money”, IG is still a company, not a charity institution. Losing money on a game is just not an option, so I understand this decision very well.

    This, however, does not mean that I’m not sad (and maybe slightly grumpy) over the fact that this game is disappearing. I just want to thank IG, and my amazing Outerbuddies, for the wonderful time I’ve had. I hope you guys hurry up with that Android version though 😛

  • VeryPissedOffCustomer

    So what? After all the money I spent in the game you just switch off? The reward should be a real version of the Rok I took care for a year and a half. That’s very stupid!! I just both a Pink Electria a month ago. What’s your gift for that? Stupid stupid move over there at Insomniac Headquarters…

  • Wolf-Spider

    I just started playing it on Kongregate… From what I’ve seen, it’s a pretty good game, along the lines of Pokémon. It might have been an excellent pair-up, if it kept going. *SOBS* I’m not going to get the last badge!

  • Winner Lius

    Solution’s should be pretty simple (well kinda, since i don’t know how complex the system is and all). Set up an ID system , give some period of time to integrate/ transfer the initial accounts onto the iOS system. Tedious as it may, still a win win solution.

  • Diana Schiefelbein

    I think someone tweaked the game code as a consolation present to us–I have been finding Star Gems in every seaweed patch, junk pile and clump of grass! No kidding, I collected over 30 gems in the last half-hour just by digging stuff! This is great, I’m going to buy six beast slots and then throw myself at Sludge again. I’ll beat him yet!

  • raycey

    Such a shame all my progress will be lost. A year and a half and all those Star Gems down the drain. What a waste. As much as I’d love an Android version, I probably won’t play this game again from scratch.

  • Anastas

    And what of people who simply don’t have the opportunity to play on iOS, because they don’t fuckin’ live in ‘MURICA and Windows is the most common OS in their country. I find this discriminating. Also we prefer Samsung phones here, so…..

  • Anastas

    Grumpy cat is the least you will get from me!

  • Jonny Rate

    To say I am disappointed in IG is a massive understatement. But lets me honest, it’s that EA curse all over again. A good company corrupted by those corporate arseholes.

    Their is NO WAY IN HELL you will keep your players with this IG, its amazingly selfish, stupid, and narcissistic to expect you will, without allowing players to bring over their saves.

    The beauty of Outernauts was like Pokémon, its truly never ending. You honestly expect people to stay when you are essentially wiping years of progress? Do you think we are all inbred halfwits who won’t realise?

    I for one will instantly vote this as low as possible as soon as its available on the app store, and I encourage all other screwed over gamers to do so.

    Bad show IG/EA. Bad show.

    But then maybe it’s stupid us for being surprised.

    • Ontar

      First of all, I would love to tell you that Insomniac Games cut their ties with EA a long time ago when it comes to Outernauts. So I don’t really see how that curse is at work here, other than being in a compnay that is just trying to make a living for its employees.

      The game has been sufferering from a drop in players and, consequently, the income coming from those players. I think it’s safe to say that everybody saw this happening, and that it was only a matter of time before action had to be taken. I find it strange that you obviously enjoyed this game so much, that you devoted all your time to this game, and still manage to be completely hateful to IG for giving you that experience.

      Besides that you say that you find it narcissistic and selfish that IG will not allow you to bring your save to the mobile game. That’s a little weird, since the mobile game will be a completely new experience compared to the browser version. Bringing the save would just be pointless, and besides, wouldn’t you want to go on a new adventure?

      I therefore have to say that I disagree with your statement, and that it’s just a bad idea in general to go on an unfounded rage like this.

      P.s. Your face looks funny.

      • ubalibre

        Ontar you must be a GM of IG… Or worse a SLAVE!

  • Cris WeekendOffenders Neath

    well looks like someone dropped a bollock, bad buisiness anoying all your loyal fans, game/company destined to fail now. WELL DONE

    • Ontar

      Well at least they had the decency to give you a heads up about it 🙂 All good things must come to an end, really great things just have crappier endings than the “just good” ones.

      • Cris WeekendOffenders Neath

        dont really affect me i started playing about a week ago, just pointing out what a shitty and unprofecional thing they have done to the loyal fans and people who have actually paid to play this game

        • ubalibre

          Bravo Cris WeekendOffenders Neath! You’re right! read my post 9 up! I think Apple pay for this dirty trick!

  • Hamuka (Kongregate)

    So you except me to buy a 500$ iCrap to play with your (already money-whoring) game? Well thank you very much. At least you could’ve ported to Android, too.

    Whatever, didn’t play much lately, at least now I have a heads-up to earn the badges ASAP and leave the game.

  • Joel Cordial

    IG I have never played the game but these last 3 years haven’t been the best for the fans. First off I want to say that we want a conclusion to the Ratchet and Clank series but we are also begging for originality. Come together and let the genius of Insomniac Games run free and the games will make themselves.

  • Evaldo Putra Ardiansyah

    okay i understand but I will not forget this game until whenever. this is my most lovedgame……………………………………….

  • Nick

    please create an offline downloadable version of this like dragon age legends… any response would be great..

  • Jorge Gonçalves

    Thats sad… best game ever played on Kongregate… all the best with the new adventure

    • Takuni


  • ubalibre

    ba***rds! All the ppl that wasted money on you now is f***ed up! Unless (or also if) they buy a machine with iOS… Does Apple paid you well?

  • Dennis Uhrmacher

    Can you please do a version for the Windows OS as well, please? Not everyone has an iOS or Android device.

  • Animal Kaiser

    Aw shucks…

  • Patrick Machauer

    You wrote it was a hard decision …. but who asked for an IOS version anyway ? It’s a complete unsuitable platform for games like this. It will fail like every other ported RPG did before. Mobile games are for a quick challenge while waiting for the bus but not to play over hours and hours. The decision must have been made by some businessman with no clue about gaming, just because IOS is en vogue atm doesn’t mean it suits well.

    • Abac22

      I think this game seems rather suitable for the iOS.

      But I won’t be able to play it.

  • MystWlker

    Gee, thanks for the opportunity to shell out real world money for this so we can be dumped for a damned Iphone app.
    The least you could do is offer a downloadable version for home, that we can transfer the fruits of all our hard work to.
    if you think I’m going to go buy an apple product just to play this game, and THEN keep putting money into it, I have a big surprise for you……..

  • Aleksandar Milenkovic

    Can I play outernauts on a tablet bicaulse I don’t have an IOS
    I so hate that mi max evolutions evil be lost etleast make it available for tablets bikaulse
    its such a pain in the ass that more than half of the games on the play store aren’t available for mi device .
    So please make it available for tablets and Windovs OS that could make it a lot easier for players all over the globe.
    This is the first game like this that I like besaidse Pokémon.

    Pleas read this and reply.
    Answer if that is possible and if you can try to keep it on Facebook. 🙂

  • Talen

    This is actually Pathetic because some of us don’t have phones capable of running such games not because they arn’t current models but because they eat to much vital space required for other importants such as WORK so to close this down on facebook is like shooting yourself with your own Rifle you just wouldn’t do it I’m trying as hard as i can to finish this game before you close it so i don’t miss anything but after it closes you’ve lost me for sure.. I gave up on ratchet and clank because it was getting to expencive to buy all the new versions and if i’m not mistaken you own that same game now your getting rid of the only decent game on fb!! oh well guess its back to the robbing twats that own miscrits

  • Jon Wieszchowski

    Not only is it a bad move, It’s a horrible move that will bankrupt their Company. I’ve seen this same thing a million times over. It will end I an always right, trust that.

    • roslau

      xactly.. They should not port to a different platform than the one (windows/computer) they have built up their playerbase on.. THat is just plain stupid. Then they will have to start everything from 0 again.. I dont get why they just made outernauts a standalone windows version instead, so they would keep their playerbase and still “upgrade” their game. Remove from facebook and kongregate, and make a standalone version where it is more optimized and there would be much better path for insomniacgames instead of losing all their fans lol. Guess apple made them blind with a deal.. This is truly sad to lose a potential company, by making such a blind and stupid move. I dont get it

  • roslau

    same thing that happened with my previous favorite game… great times, bye forever outernauts. Sorry that this is how the business world needs to make games platform based only.. I was planning to keep playing this game forever, but it seems like the tables have turned. R.i.p greatest game ever. I am hoping the developers change their minds, and make it for windows instead of apple, becuase apple sucks ass

  • roslau

    MAKE THIS A STANDALONE WINDOWS GAME INSTEAD, SO ALL YOUR FANS CAN STILL PLAY. BE SMART INSOMNIACGAMES, THIS GAME HAS HUGE POTENTIAL. IT IS STUPID TO LEAVE YOUR WHOLE PLAYERBASE WHEN YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. Honestly. Think about it yourselves, take your own game and chose the best path. Thats the only thing that will work, because if the game is ios only many people won’t play the game anymore.. its as simple as that. Imo its much smarter to stay on the platform that everybody in your fanbase has instead of going to a different platform. But oh well, u will figure out. Good luck insomniacgames, u deserve better for such a brilliant game. but i will never have an apple device, because its just plain moneywhores that buy such expensive devices. Windows only here… Bye forever, if u leave us. R.I.P. greatest game of the century

  • Neil

    I spent 1.5 years on this game!! Surely you guys (IG) saw this coming??? I’m in I.T. Development… I’ve been in I.T. for 20 years. Clients (Huge Corporations) don’t close down simply because they don’t have the resources. They find the resources.

    Anyway, as mentioned by someone earlier in the posts, you ARE indeed following in the footsteps of EA regardless of whether or not you pulled away from them… Your actions are the same. I will NEVER EVER play another EA online game again because of “SIMS Social”… and now, sadly, the same goes for IG.

    Outernauts will be my first and last IG game. Thanks for nothing. I still haven’t gotten ALL my beasts leveled up yet and still only have a handful of Epics. I was planning on getting ALL the beasts. I still have so much planned. Thanks for ripping out the last page!

    I personally don’t care how “GREAT” the improvements or new version is, If you guys go through with this, then I’m done with IG. You’re clearly going to do the same with the “NEW” one. SO WHY SHOULD ANYONE BOTHER???

    It got quiet because you ran out of new chapters and story-line. If you kept going with the story like we ALL pleaded for, we would continue throwing in the money. More than half of the stuff we collected weren’t even part of the game and were useless collectibles.

    This truly was an Epic game!! The best so far… You guys did do a good job. So sad that it has to end like this. I wish you guys well in your future development however brief it appears to be.

    To the majority of your so called “dedicated Outernauts browser players” or “hardcore Outernauts community members”… this is nothing less than a kick in the teeth.

    • Neil

      We never even got a chance to go into Bloodvine Cave or fix Fiora’s Homeworld!!

    • Takuni

      This ^

  • Abac22

    I’ve been playing this game since December of 2012. Now I come online every now and then to see how things are and I see this.

    Kind of a surprise.

    It’s a shame cannot accommodate multiple platforms, but thems the works. Good luck on iOS.

  • Eduardo Scerbo

    Thats bad. I just start. Is the best pokemon clone around with some extras.
    A standalone version can be most welcome.
    Can be run with a emulator like Ipadian?

  • Omar Faruk Daud

    To : Outernauts team

    Hello outernauts!
    I want to ask you a very important thing…can you send to me on day 26 of January 2014 at 11 o´clock a message saying “we are outernauts team and you asked to send this message” and answer some questions that we have? My email is

    To everyone else : Please dont send me messages

  • cassie

    Please don’t shut down the game my son relay loves this game, and if you shut the game my son will never love me again.

    • Takuni

      Then your son, Is someone who is inconsiderate :^

  • Ashley Seuser

    But I love this game!!! I won’t be able to play on iOS….. 🙁

  • HottRoddTX

    this some bullshit. this game is y I stay on Facebook. most of these games on Facebook r bullshit. plus I got Android. Just hope u get this on Android by the end of this year.

  • HoddoMojjo

    can u make it on Android/Tablets pls on Google play else thats Horse Crap 😀

  • Takuni

    Why do people make things just to tear them down.

  • Takuni

    And, as someone once said “You done fucked it up.”

  • froglegs0

    Why did you make so many changes to the game for Android and ios they are nothing like the fb one there no adventure no looking for new monster to catch and the battles… theres no strategy to them its way to simple and sadly boring if you make a new one with the original style of game ill be glad to try it but iv played the app and im disappointed btw yes i know this is 9months late i just resantly got a phone that could play the app

  • Brody Deitrick

    u r insane to ever think the phoneless would want to play a mobile outernauts that sucks the old one was better and had me putting $900 every 6 months in it u r a bunch of brainless fools to remove it from facebook u should have just put one online and one mobile not turn off both online and make 2 mobile it is not fare to us pc gamers that use flip phones did u ever think to even re boot the online game after 1.5 years of tormenting the masses have u?! u r a sad excuse for a game company if u never once thought of reviving the facebook version of outernauts for any company could see that the mobile versions r a flop among the masses so just drop it and turn the facebook one back on

    • WreckedHavoc

      lol the brainless fools probably have a better idea of what to do with it, and im sure your (unlikely) budget- which you would no doubt be able to carry over to another platform with little issue- whether you continue to spend on this game or not, wont have them second guessing their decision. if you REALLY drop THAT amount monthly into a game, ANY GAME- would you REALLY just up and stop playing completely because you had to pick up a phone, tablet, OR just play on your PC (like you normally would via facebook but with a different program…) with an Android/IOS app player…. i cant imagine what your issue with it is, other than being bummed that you can’t spam your entire friends list with updates of EVERY action you take in FB games.

      PS- that was article was posted 3 years ago