More self-development questions!

Previously I shared with you some of the Review Questions I used to interview the team.

Today I’ll just quickly share some of the questions I’m asking as part of one-on-one meetings coming into this near year. These questions are really just used to guide the discussion and build the conversation.

* What needs to happen for you personally to feel really productive every day/week?
* What are some of the things you’d like to be able to accomplish?
* What would you like to be able to say (about yourself, progress, etc.) at the end of this year?
* Is there anything you feel is wasting your time?
* Are there any trouble spots I should know about?
* Do you feel like you’re on-target?
* How do you think you could make your communication with the rest of the team even better?
* Do you think there’s anything that our team should be doing more of?
* Do you think there’s anything that our team should be doing less of?
* How do you think we could apply more lessons from games into the tasks you’re working on?
* How do you think we could test what you’re working on a larger scale?

As always, I’m interested in what questions *you’ve* find helpful. Either asking or answering.


[20 January 2011] I thought I’d add a couple of great suggestions here:

* “If you could change any one thing right now, what would it be?” (It’s a great reflective question. Suggested by my uncle on Facebook, actually!) 🙂

* “How are you?” (Definitely don’t want to forget this one! @maximilianburke reminded me to add it on Twitter. He also suggested you might want to check out Rands in Repose on 1-on-1 meetings: