Join Insomniac in backing Amplitude HD on Kickstarter

Music games have always been a huge hit at Insomniac. For a long time, Guitar Hero and Rock Band competitions were a weekly, if not daily, occurrence around the office. But before those games put plastic instruments in your hands, our longtime fellow independent developer friends at Harmonix had created Amplitude and Frequency, two of our favorite music games, and two of the best PlayStation 2 games of all-time.

Now those same folks are working hard to bring Amplitude back to life in HD form. Reviving Amplitude is something that requires all of the community to band together and help it though, and Harmonix has turned to Kickstarter in trying to inspire the community to pledge funds to make the game.

There’s only four days left, and still about 50% of the way to go. If the money isn’t raised, the game won’t happen. We are big fans of both Harmonix and Amplitude, and we want to see Amplitude HD. As such, Insomniac has backed the game at the $7,500 level. We hope if you liked Amplitude or Frequency, or just love great music games in general, you’ll consider pledging too.

You might be asking: which backer reward did you choose? Some fans may remember our Pinballz music video, which was put into Rock Band by one of our fans via Rock Band Network (with all proceeds going to Child’s Play). Our latest music video, Crazy Ride, deserves some Harmonix game love as well, so we chose the $7,500 level to put our song into the game. If you missed the video, you can check it out here. 

Thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance for checking out Harmonix’s Amplitude HD Kickstarter and backing it!

  • Mitch

    Wait, if the project will actually continue, will you guys put music in the game?

    • James Stevenson

      Our backer reward for our backing level, let’s us put a song into the game, which will be our Crazy Ride song.

  • Qwarkst

    You guys are awesome, for contributing to Amplitude and just making awesome games. But man is that video cringey.

  • elchorno

    This is awesome news, I can’t wait to play the 20th anniversary song, that is as long as this gets its funding.

  • yessum

    this game will flop more than sunset overdrive

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    You guys rock! Hard! Looking forward to seeing you again on Sony consoles (SO 2?), thanks for helping out here.