Into the Nexus heads to Gamescom and PAX


We know you have been dying for more info on Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus. Many of you can’t wait to get your hands on it. We don’t blame you! It IS a back to the FUTURE return to form for the duo. We have good news on both fronts!

Into the Nexus (or Nexus in EU regions) will be playable at both Gamescom AND PAX in the Sony booths at each show. Not only that, but we will be dropping some additional information very soon.

So if you are heading to Cologne and Gamescom this week, be sure to check it out. If you are planning on making the trek to Seattle for PAX Prime you should probably do the same. There are bolts that need collecting and NEW weapons that need shooting.

For everyone else, stay tuned for additional information and content very soon. We may even have a live stream somewhere in that Gamescom/PAX sandwich!

In the meantime, check out this screen from the game. And follow us on Instagram for more photos, art, and screens from around the office!

Auf Wiedersehen für jetzt!

  • sd94

    Well then, I’ll see you guys at PAX! 😀

  • Asimb0mb

    If I knew this earlier, I’d have planned a trip to Cologne 🙁

    • Ultixo

      gamescom is in cologne 🙂

      • Gerben Steyaert

        That’s what he’s saying!!

    • Spacey

      Damn you, you stole my avatar!

      • Asimb0mb

        No, we stole it from Google.

  • Marvin3099

    Cool this ratchet and clank look to be awesome !

  • Dan Steele

    Damn it, I realy have to speed up the building of my teleporter so I can get to Germany!

  • shivam.chandra24

    12 hours my children , just 12 hours to go !

  • uberfu

    All I know is this is the same danmed thing you told us about FFA and that came out like a bad cheap taco after a nite of binge drinking.


    OTHERWISE – Stop telling us that.

  • mikolajpaulinski

    r.y.n.o 7 ??!!