Insomniac Reveals 2 New VR Games, Release Dates for Edge of Nowhere, Song of the Deep

Launching one game in a year can be a complex, exciting, and occasionally nerve-wracking endeavor. Developing five games simultaneously for 2016 launches on console, PC and VR might sound as crazy as it sometimes feels, but that’s just what we’re doing here at Insomniac. And we’re loving it.

To share (almost) everything we have going on inside the studio, we decided to host our first-ever Insomniac Games media event, spanning two days late last week for journalists and YouTube/Twitch streamers. This is one of the reasons why we love being an independent developer – not only can we make the kind of games we love playing, but we can share them with you in our own special way.

Of course, that meant our publishing partners had to agree to support each other, which is not always that common. Oculus, GameStop and PlayStation could not have been more gracious though. That spirit of collaboration is one of the many things we appreciate about each partner.

Now, onto the games! First, we revealed two new VR franchises, both for Oculus Rift. Here’s a bit more info, but be sure to check out their respective game pages on our website:

Feral Rites: Avenge the death of your father by fighting your way through missions and quests in this VR adventure-brawler. Set on a mystical island, explore unique areas of the island from jungles to temples, while mastering new abilities including the power to transform into a feral beast. Below is the reveal trailer, and our first screenshots from the game, which will appear on the Oculus Store in Fall 2016. Feral Rites will be playable at E3 this year.

The Unspoken: An Oculus Touch‐enabled VR action game that pulls players into a hidden world of spellcasting and magician’s duels. Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips, summon ghastly monstrosities with your bare hands, and rise up through the ranks of an urban magic fight club in supernatural PVP combat. Check out the reveal trailer below, and our first screenshots from the game, which will release in November 2016. Attending media got to go hands-on with The Unspoken, so look for their impressions online. The Unspoken will also be playable at E3.

Of course, we’re in the thick of development for our original VR franchise, Edge of Nowhere. We allowed direct feed capture of gameplay we originally showed at GDC, while some folks got to play the first several minutes of the game. Look for those videos online, and check our social media feed for links to footage from other outlets. You can check out some recent screenshots below.

EoN_2_classroom EoN_1_hang 1_dock 3_axe

As part of our VR-related announcements, we shared that Edge of Nowhere will be available in the Oculus Store on Monday, June 6. Price details to come soon.

While VR is an important focus at Insomniac, we’re very proud of our unique partnership with GameStop and Song of the Deep. The game is about how far a young girl will go to find her missing father in the depths of a vast ocean. Song of the Deep is a Metroidvania-style 2D adventure game. We announced at our media event that it will land exclusively on GameStop shelves Tuesday, July 12, along with Xbox Live, PlayStation Store and Steam.

We allowed direct feed capture from a GDC build of the game, so be on the lookout for those videos. In addition, we revealed a new Song of the Deep story trailer, which you can watch here:

We’re encouraged by all the positive feedback on the game’s art style, story and soundtrack. Furthermore, a novelization that Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings has written will appear in Barnes & Noble stores soon.

Last but certainly not least, we gave everyone a chance to play and stream Ratchet & Clank, which launched earlier in the week exclusively on PS4. We’ve been thrilled with the response so far, from both reviewers and fans. It’s heartening to see how much love exists for our favorite intergalactic heroes. We’re equally excited about an entirely new generation of fans who will be introduced to the franchise when the film launches in theaters beginning on April 29. YOU have the power to make the film No. 1 on opening weekend, so we hope you fill those theaters!

So that’s a look at what we’re up to inside the ball of energy that is Insomniac. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about everything you’ve seen here. Feel free to share a comment below, or follow us on our social media channels and interact with us there. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and passion not just for our games, but for this amazing craft in general.


  • LombaxBahamut

    European release date?

    • For which game?

      • LombaxBahamut

        Movie actually. Ratche & Clank

        • It is different per region. Different distributors. Where are you from? I can check and see.

          • LombaxBahamut

            Finnkino said movie isn’t coming to Finland!!!

      • C38PO1996

        Question, is Insomniac Durham involved heavily in the development of Feral Rites and The Unspoken like they are in Edge of Nowhere?

        • Both studios work on all our games (except Song of the Deep is a small team in Burbank). The Unpoken is being lead by Chad Dezern out of NC. Feral Rites is Marcus Smith out of Burbank.

          • C38PO1996

            Oh Ok, nice, nice to be able to see my Home-state be responsible for Awesome games.

  • Akouryo

    Everything looks pretty great, especially Song of the Deep and of course Ratchet & Clank but it’s really disheartening to not see anything regarding Sunset Overdrive 2. I seriously enjoyed my time with that game and if not for the multiplayer being empty I would have gotten every achievement.

    • Do you still own a copy of Sunset Overdrive on X1? It’s currently free with Games with Gold so servers are more populated now, it’s going to be easier to get those Chaos Squad achievements.

      • Akouryo

        Oh hey that’s a great point, I hadn’t considered that. Thanks a bunch buddy

        • I played over the weekend and got enough players to fill the lobby, but either we didn’t have enough Chaos or we failed the Night Defense. I only tried a few times though, but I’m hopeful it’ll work out. 🙂

  • Lord Rastan

    you should be prepairing Ratchet and Clank 2, It’s clear that this generation needs more cartoonish fun and less space marines epic…. and don’t put too much eggs on the VR basket… My friend came from the future and told me it won’t last 😉

    • neronix17

      People have been saying it won’t last since the 80’s.

    • C38PO1996

      Like Sunset Overdrive is a Space Marince Epic…….

      • Lord Rastan

        I’m not talking about Insomniac, but the whole ps360 catallogue, there few and poor action plattformers and a lot of “space marine epics” (tps and fps mostly)… previous gen was exactly the contrary: too much action “marios” and few FPS… I think it should be a balance between genres… Seeing how much anticipated is been the new Ratchet, I think more companies will realize there must be more kind of titles…

  • Noctis

    Will any of the above mentioned VR games support HTC Vive at some point in the future, or will they all be Rift exclusive?

    • Rift exclusive. Oculus Studios is publishing.

      • Noctis

        Just when I thought I had made up my mind going with the Vive! More to think about. Thanks for the info.

      • Don Riess

        Well that’s sad…because Oculus screwed its early adapters…I ordered it day one…I ended up cancelling the order because it told me it wasn’t shipping until October…but they were okay with putting them on shelves at Best Buy. Guess I’ll miss the exclusive game then.

  • Dennis Willman

    I have to say, I wasn’t sure about the re-imagining of R&C, but after playing the game, I am sold. Utterly fantastic job, Insomniac. So well done. Can’t wait for the movie. 🙂

  • kee1haul

    No! Insomniac is too good to go down the VR route.

    • Why? What is wrong with VR? The future is real.

      • kee1haul


  • smeghead25

    I’m really looking forward to the movie in Australia!

    …in 3 months time. Can you guys like, maybe make it part of the contract that whichever blarg-headed snaggle-beep is in charge of the movie picks better distributors next time?

    Like I’m definitely going to see it in the cinema, but I won’t be waiting til smeggin’ June to see it for the first time.

  • Matt Henzel

    Looks very nice, but where is the PSVR support?
    Let’s not forget how badly Insomniacs non-Sony exclusives. The first one I can’t even recall the name.
    Then you have Sunset Overdrive, which had a terrible launch, dropped in price by 50% within 3 months, and still has not sold more than 350,000 units.

    All I’m saying is Insomniac and Sony are a great pair…. Oh, and Sony has around a 4,000,000 PlayStation 4 installed user base. Let’s not forget about that!

    • These VR titles are published by Oculus.

      • Bob Oblong

        Vitti don’t feed us that. Sony, EA, Ubisoft. Those are publishers. Facebook paying a studio money for timed exclusives does not make them a publisher.

      • LoboGvip

        Sony is the way to go guys, PlayStation VR has already sale more than oculus and vive together, i really hope to see some games from this great studio on PSVR

  • C38PO1996

    I just wanna know if anything is happening on Sunset Overdrive 2 in 2017……..

    Surely releasing Sunset Overdrive through Games With Gold is helping it get recognition for a sequel.

    • Matt Henzel

      I’d be surprised to see a sequel to it. Unfortunately It was a commercial failure, selling less than 350k units.

      • C38PO1996

        And its also a Free GWG this month getting it more recognition, I honestly dont mind if the Sequel is also on the Windows Store, which will more than likely be the best case scenario if it does happen.

      • Not sure where you got those numbers from, but you are way off.

        • Matt Henzel

          I didn’t realize the post I was getting the numbers from was over a year old.
          “According to VGChartz, the game has only sold 320k worldwide and 2/3 of that is in the US with only 210k sold after 3 weeks”

          Sorry about that.

          It looks like they sold a lot more in the past year.

          Total Units
          North America: 0.61m 56.7% + Europe: 0.38m 35.5% + Japan: 0.00m 0.4% + Rest of the World: 0.08m 7.5%
          = Global 1.07m

          I’m sure the price drop to $14 has also helped quite a bit. 🙂

    • Nothing to announce on the future of Sunset at this time. Other than, we love Sunset!

      • C38PO1996

        So do I, Lets Hope yall releasing it on Games with Gold, and More X1s getting sold, that enough Recognition helps with a Sequel.

      • LoboGvip

        No sunset 2 no playstation vr games… so sad guys


    Edge of Nowhere for Vive? I bought a Vive, not buying anything else, want my money?

    • Veraxus

      Unfortunately, you made a mistake 🙁

      • Don Riess

        Buying a Vive wasn’t a mistake. Its the best platform out there…hoping to see this great game on that platform.

        • Bob Oblong

          We havent seen what Sony has to offer. Veraxus is probably right for now re Oculus and Vive. Unless you’re a huge fan of buying indie techdemos.

        • Veraxus

          It’s an Oculus Studios title. Funded by Oculus. That isn’t going to happen.

  • Uncle

    so its been 6 months, any chance of Edge of nowhere coming to PSVR?

    • We have no plans to bring these games to PS VR. We have no PS VR games in development at this time.

      • Uncle

        So sad 🙁
        Thanks for replay thou.

      • LoboGvip

        Thas a shame 🙁