Insomniac at PAX East 2013

Fuse Pax image

Who has two thumbs and is having a panel at PAX East this year? This company! Technically, we have over 400 thumbs, but you get the idea.

On Saturday, March 23rd at 3 PM in the Phoenix Theatre, please join us for the “Fuse: The Sleeper Hit of 2013” panel. Chat with Insomniac CEO Ted Price, Lead Gameplay Programmer Doug Sheahan and Designer Mark Stuart and learn about the game’s four elite agents, epic locations, secret alien tech and state-of-the-art weapons that help mold the story that is Fuse. That’s PR speak for “Come see an awesome exclusive, live-demo of the game plus more surprises and stuff!” It’ll also be a great opportunity to directly ask top leaders on the game your questions. QA session is a go.

Every great panel needs a great moderator, though, so we got a pretty okay one! Greg Miller, the PlayStation Executive Editor of IGN, will be guiding the panel through its hour of Fuse-based inquisitions. Thanks, Greg! Ted owes you a hug.

So, if you are trekking to Boston this year for PAX, be sure to slice a sliver of time out to come check out our Fuse panel. You’re not going to want to miss out on this. Let us know if you plan on attending in the comments below.

For full info check out the official description here:

P.S. – We didn’t make one “How can Insomniac make a Sleeper hit?” joke. Very proud of us.

  • Looking forward to it Insomniac.

  • Def. going to be there.

  • Lee

    Resistance for ps4? Insomniac just abandoned it!

    • Insomniac isn’t working on the Resistance series anymore.

  • Aw man, I wish I could go. Oh well, I can still await your next community day.

  • Lee

    To any fans out there, The only way to do the series justice is to start a PS4 reboot. RESISTANCE. Start the game with the same flavor rFom had. Old school shooter, mysterious protagonist(that never speaks) narrator(great story telling) dark, gritty setting.

    Obviously R3 ended abruptly without disclosing much, R3/R2 transitioned into a modern shooter style gameplay(COD). A R4 just isn’t right for the series. If insomniac finds this, send it to Sony!

  • dave

    hoe kryg je dit spel

  • tyrell

    Please insomniac games create another ratchet and clank game for this E3 fall 2013. The ps3 is at the end of its life span could you guys either announce it late this year and release it next year or create a mini ratchet and clank game now and release it at fall 2013. maybe the size of quest for booty!

  • tyrell

    Can you guys try to avoid abandoning ratchet and clank like you did resistance no offence.

  • tyrell

    Also I have been meaning to ask you guys if you could create a Krell Canyon map for full frontal assault! And could you make more weapons in the competitive mode!