Digit & Dash


Digit & Dash is the tale of a robot and alien duo separated by a mutant hot dog that splits their world apart. (Yes. A mutant hot dog.)

Control both Digit and Dash by jumping, slamming and dashing as they speed through mind-bending, dangerous levels. Use well-timed jumps and slams with Digit or Dash to propel the other higher in the air to avoid bigger obstacles. Activate switches and unlock pickups through skillful timing and fast-twitch responses. Help Digit and Dash topple the massive mutant wiener and reunite!


  • Help Digit & Dash Reunite!
  • Control 2 Characters Together!
  • Dozens of mind-bending levels!
  • Quickly Time Moves for Pickups!
  • Defeat the Mutant Hot Dog!
  • No in-app purchases!
Platform: iOS