Fuse Demo


Experience the devastating power of co-op teamwork as you and up to three friends join forces in the Fuse demo from Insomniac Games. Overstrike 9 has tracked the stolen Fuse source to a remote Raven base in Pakistan’s treacherous Karakoram Mountains. The team must stop rogue paramilitary corporation Raven from carrying out its horrific plan to form a new world order. Taking place midway through the game, the demo gives players a chance to play with and level-up all four Overstrike operatives along with their Xenotech weapons. The demo supports 1-4 players with online and split-screen drop-in-and-drop-out-co-op.

Controller Maps:

Fuse_PS3_ControllerMap Fuse_Xbox360_ControllerMap
PlayStation 3 Xbox 360


Play the Fuse demo online alone or with up to three friends. The Fuse Demo supports 1-to-4 player online co-op, you also can play alone or two-player split screen locally. If you have less than four human players, you can use LEAP to jump between the four available characters. To LEAP, press and hold Select/Back to bring up the character menu. Press the face-button to leap to the corresponding agent. You can LEAP to any agent who is not currently controlled by a human or performing an action. You also cannot LEAP to/from a downed or incapacitated agent.

Download Now:

PlayStation 3: Available Now
Xbox 360: Available Now (Gold Members)

  • Guest

    This game has an incredibly generic looking art style…I wish you guys the best of luck. I love your games but I doubt anyone is going to know this game exists. 🙁

    • Thanks for the feedback. We do hope you at least try the game before you decide. Most everyone who has played it, really enjoys it.

      • I just do not get the generic comments. I think it is great and I preordered it. I think it is in a gray area between cartoon and realistic, but that is what makes it not generic, along with the insomniac-inspired weaponry. Maybe you need to show more big explosions and close up melee in the ads to hold peoples attention

        • @Ivan Greenspan, I agree with the part about the generic comments fad. Most people who complain these days, will always include the word “generic”. I love the game, I think it’s marvellous.
          A simple five-minute gameplay video, will draw a genuine attention to this game, and there are lot of videos on the internet, moreover, there’s a demo for it, for free.
          Take my like :)! Glad to see someone like you :D.

      • Stiffun Jackman

        I would love to try it, but you’re not making it for my preferred gaming device (PC)

  • Xia Zhu

    I really wished you guys stuck to OverStrike… that game had a much more appealing and interesting characters and art style (at least in that one E3’s EA trailer) and I was definitely eager to hear more about it.
    All of a sudden, it went silent, and didn’t hear anything about it, from any source, and upon doing some research trying to find out if it has been canned, realized it’s been renamed and remade into Fuse.
    I was sorely disappointed to find another “generic” 3rd person shooter…
    I know the gameplay may be different, but honestly, it doesn’t interest me at all at the moment… I may try the demo some time in the near future though

    • Durodes Duvo

      If you looked at the environments in the Overstrike trailer, you’d see that they aren’t as colorful, and they were pretty generic in comparison to FUSE’s environments.

      Also, the character design is almost the same in Overstrike, so I’m not sure what you’re complaining about.

  • Dasoulink

    Good original weaponry. Great teamwork aspect. Graphics are a bit generic but overall game has high fun factor especially with a group of four coop

    • Durodes Duvo

      That’s what I’m excited for- the co-op.

      My favorite Ratchet game was “Ratchet Deadlocked”. I loved it because there was great on-going action packed battles, and to play it with a friend was just so much more fulfilling.

      Insomniac, I don’t know how you feel about the ridiculous criticism, but maybe you can learn something from it.

      I don’t have a problem with the art style, I like it, actually (especially the enemies), but maybe you should probably go with characters that aren’t humanoid in your next game, I think a lot of the hate you can see on the internet could’ve been avoided if you guys came up with a truly original character design.

      Anyways, best of luck to you, I’m looking forward to this game, and I’m 99% certain that this isn’t the “generic garbage” that people online keep claiming it to be.

      • Dasoulink

        I second your thoughts. I hope the finished product is as much fun as the demo was. Good Luck Insomniac.

  • potatoEJ

    Ehhhh, I was excited about this game before it was focus tested. I’d play it if you guys released a PC version, XBOX Live is such a scam :/

    • If by “focus tested” you mean usability tested then, yes. That happened multiple times as it does during all game development. No one test determined the shift to Fuse though. We would love for you to at least try it out.

  • This is gonna be awesome

  • Sid

    I have already pre-ordered it, and it’s looking great!

  • clanker18

    I’m looking forward to playing the demo and I’ve been liking what I’ve seen of this game, as with every insomniac game I always look forward to you do next as it always put a smile my face. Thank you for the good times insomniac

  • Hello ^=^. I do not know if the developers & publishers of the game shall read this or not, but, this game is so marvellous, so epic, and so beautiful. I have been waiting for this game since the initial announcement in E3 a few years ago; it’s worth the wait, and finally, the wait is at its end.

    Thank you for making such a wonderful game :). Looking forward to the release day.

  • disqus_khz2YI5CEc

    is the demo really ps+ only in germany? 🙁

    • Guest

      Why do you say so?

    • It was only released on PSN Europe, a few hours ago. Search for it again, and you shall find it :).

  • eilegz

    i wonder if the demo its based on the final build of the game, while the game its amazing i felt that its a little stiff compared to other TPS, the cover system compared to uncharted or gears of wars its not very smooth neither

    Hopefully this game its one of the best TPS out there and do not look or feel like ghost recon future soldier which the game have so many potential but the sluggish gameplay and aim didnt help nor the bugs and the AI.

  • chamilo360

    I will Give It a Try.Thanks

  • hypnoto4d

    is this going to be just for xbox and ps3 or is it coming out for pc as well.

    • Durodes Duvo

      It won’t be for PC, not enough support.

  • I find the game awesome,
    because it not being publicized here in Brazil?

  • CanadianGold

    Reminds me of Brute Force for the old Xbox… hmm

  • Wesley

    NOT PC?

  • mike

    if they dont have it for pc, i wont bother w. the xbox version

  • fuqea

    not free to play? byebye (and its by ea…

  • Wait, no PC version? Why the hell did I get an e-mail for it!?

  • Daniel1004x

    No PC!??!?

  • first 5mins, got logged off EAs servers enough to get pissed, the controls are clunky (seriously, why can’t i run with L3 and melee with R3? why the X/Triangle combo(on ps3) its annoying and wreaks flow) and the aiming was all weird… abilities were ‘cool’, though i only got to play with stealth/melee since i kept getting logged off… but the AIs smart, so i’ll give it that, these pawns know to revive me and themselves, no babysitting, yay~… if i could switch the controls and not be forced to be logged into two services (psn/Origin) to play… i’d ‘probably’ think about this… nope…

    • Durodes Duvo

      lol, not every 3rd person shooter has to have the same controls, dude.

    • i have to agree the controls are rather clunky and havig plays the demo i would like that the controls be fixed it waas feeling like i was fighting my controls on ow they guys/and gals was moving in sone places it was really good on the controls, but they need to fix it please and lock the damned camera

    • Durodes Duvo

      You must have really, REALLY BAD internet.

      Or live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Alberto

    its not for PC…WTF!?!?!?!?!

  • raheem lewis

    dont send me a email telling me to play the friggin demo if its not on the pc… sheeshh!!!

    • Durodes Duvo

      People who have consoles also have PCs, so it’s not remarkably unreasonable to send you an email.

  • Yev Bruggen

    Make a PC port and take my money. The game looks awesome!!!

  • Michael Vari

    Looks like an awesome game, wish there was a demo for PC…

  • EA1911

    for PC ? ¬ _¬ one buy less

  • this game is awesome.

  • Anyone worried about a generic shooter has not played the FUSE demo but R3 will always be the best.

  • Stew

    Bastards.. wheres the flaming PC Version??

    • Durodes Duvo


      • PC_gamer

        It was made on a computer not a console, so it was more work inputting the Console ports into the game

  • Christopher Thornton

    where the **** is the PC version

    I hope consoles get aids

    • Stiffun Jackman

      while I agree with the rage at a lack of a PC version, I can’t agree with you on the desire for bad things to happen to consoles (or their users). I want them to have fantastic games, just as much as us, even if they do have to conform to a lesser control scheme

      • kierra

        i agree with you. Though, you CAN play on the computer. why else would they have a download link?
        P.S. hook up you’r playstation 3 or X-box to you’r computer through the YV drive and set up the network. it should take you from there. you’r welcome. 🙂

    • Durodes Duvo

      WTF is with the console hate?

      • PC_gamer

        You will get it from holding toy’s for a long time, and it will also make your balls/penis shrink, You have a better chance at getting a girl if you use Steroids and hormones to be a women

  • David


  • Antoni

    Stupid console peasants, no one cares about console

    • Durodes Duvo

      lol, ur missing out BIG TIME.

  • Jv

    lol pc suks j/k seriously tho stop complaining this is gonna happen what do u expect that out of all the years pc has been limited that today it will all change lol if u think thats tru i laugh at u

    • PC_gamer

      Troll go back to school and finish Prep and try and pass the spelling B

  • fsefsf

    wow i know I’ll never buy anything from this company ty for the spam

  • Stiffun Jackman

    wow, you send me a download link to my email for a game I can’t play on my computer… Thanks for nothing, Insomniac.

    • PC_gamer

      It’s a crap game any way if it’s not on PC

    • kierra

      you can play on you’r computer, but you have to have the console connected to you’r computer through the YV drive. the only thing is that you have no idea what a YV drive, do you?

  • Miithos

    What kind of a moronic company makes a game for PS and XBOX but not for PC?? WTF??…. really?

    Call me when you have a PC version

    • Durodes Duvo

      Making a game for for the PC is very difficult, especially for a company that has NEVER MADE A GAME FOR PC anymore.

      • Miithos

        SERIOUSLY??? you sir, are an idiot.

        The XBOX development kit is almost exactly like a PC development. Dont tell me your poor programmers didn’t know that!

        Seriously! wow!

      • kierra

        “never made a pc anymore”?
        my face is like you’r profile pic right now trying to figure out what you mean.

    • kierra

      What kind of moron conplains about how it’s not on PC instead of going and buying the console for the game? oh right,



    Too bad that I don’t have my Ps3 with me here in the U.S. I hope I’ll be able to play the game once I go back home. Already pre-purchased!

  • Shadow

    Tempted to get this game for my PS3. But… one thing is holding me back. and that is i HATE playing a FPS… (or even 3PS) with a ‘stick’. Really wish this game, and Destiny would come out on the PC =(

    • Kelly

      Well if thats the case get a XIM Edge for your ps3. Go to Xim3.com

  • will pick up on PS3!

  • Durodes Duvo

    Sorry you guys in Insomnaic have to deal with such abundant ignorance.

    I’ll be getting this game the week of launch just to help you out 😛

  • Good video but Is not on the PC,I might not going to play it when it come out.

  • gud game im gitn dis ish 4REAL WEN ITS CUMIN OUT

    • Christopher U

      May 28th in NA xD

    • kierra

      May 28th, 2013

  • jonathan

    I want this game all ready it looks cool

  • PC_gamer

    This looks like another CRAP consoles game, pity it won’t make the cut of the next gen PC’s

    • kierra

      stop conplaining about no PC. if you want to play the awsome game go buy a console. it’s not that expensive. oh wait….. are you to lazy to do that?

  • Luciano

    lemme know when PC versión is up. Hasta la vista.

    • kierra

      let me know when you get off you’r lazy bum and buy the game instead of complaining about how it’s not PC.
      my friend just said “oh snap!” behind me.

  • Ya, they always leave the PC guys out.. guess they dont want to make money

  • PC!


    why in the hell send me this ,I only play PC GAMES. :p

  • Jordan

    Whats the point of a download link if you cant get it for pc!?!?!


    this game looks like it came out the butthole of an elephant

  • xXKingJasXx

    Don’t worry guys, I contacted them about this… I was very convincing. Just waitin’ for a reply now.

  • icheesy

    Looks like a okay game. Ill buy it

  • JJabrams Bastard son

    I’d like to know why there is a pre-order bonus for America but not the EU. And if you guys release it as dlc, i will be very disapointed.

  • Matt Schwartz

    i loved playing the demoo and i cant wait to get this game, i cant get over the fac tthat people are just complaining about pc… personally i like a controller better for 3ps’s… and consoles are way cheaper than gaming pc’s and if your the kind complaining that graphics are better… than let me tell you something, if you care about graphics more than gameplay, quit playing games and go watch movies

  • No PC version?

  • I thought Insomniac was true Playstation-game developers. Look like I was wrong ;(

  • Please, everyone, stop complaining about it not coming out on PC. It’s a console-exclusive. Just go with it. (Btw, I have a Xbox360, Ps3, PC & Mac… So don’t tell me im a fanboy, cuz the only thing i have that im dissapoited with is the Mac.)

  • Paul OBier

    No PC? BS…. Real Gamers especially for First Person Shooter use a fuckin PC! Not some store bought console!

    • Durodes Duvo

      Funny, I could tell that you know a lot about this game, ’cause it’s fully third person.

  • disqus_ZXuhArNDqc

    I absolutely loved this. Thank you Insomniac!!!! Day 1 purchase for sure. Really really great game

  • cameron

    ahay pepla that game was seek as

  • brodatbuysgoodgames

    FAIL no PC no new console version, I’ll pass. let your bosses know

  • Bilbo

    Looks PRETTY gay

  • I’ll wait for it to be available to either PC or next-gen consoles.

  • moses otieno

    if there no multiplayer it bull s….. it SUCK BALL!

  • Baustein16

    I wish I had a console…

  • disqus_xV1Es4KKl9

    No demo for pc and the games not for pc.. screw that, looked alright

  • Anonymous

    lol i have it already

    • kierra

      ya right. it’s not even out yet.
      unless you’r one of the creator’s of the game, you dont have it, so i dont know wether you’r trollin or if you’r really this stupid.

  • Rossmarie Lars Dacia

    tried the demo, really amazing.
    I don’t really care about the story lone this time, but the gameplay is actually fun.
    Definitely will buy a copy when it’s out

  • kierra

    insomanic made alot of good games like ratchet and clank, jack and dexter, sly and benly, but ive never seen a game like this! i realy like the co-op! ^.^
    this is a girl.

    • Marshal Finke

      We don’t care if you’re a girl, your opinion is fine though.

    • Aperez928

      We REALLY don’t care that you’re a girl…

  • kierra

    awwww it dosent show the animation…..oh well, dis gon b a gud game anyway!


    Thx alot for bringing this to Wii U. I guess I’ll never get to play it. If you change your mind, I’ll gladly pick it up.

  • Aperez928

    I guess it won’t be coming to PC? WELP! Time to dust off the dinosaur 360…

  • Larry Hagder

    number 1. before it was 2 people, Rachet and Clank, etc. But now it’s 4 WOOOOOOOOOWWWW