Full Moon Show – Mastodon

The guys from Mastodon stop by the Insomniac offices to talk Brutality Pack with Ted and James in this special video episode of the Full Moon Show. Check out this exclusive interview from Insomniac, along with behind-the-scenes footage of Mastodon going hands on with Resistance 3. Brutality Pack is available on the PlayStation Store for $3.99

  • Stringer2355

    So it was originally called the “The Warden Pack”

  • DeadSkies

    What’s their PSN ID? That would be the coolest thing ever to play R3 with Mastodon!!!

  • ktiger34

    Ted’s a metalhead lol

  • xantaclause

    Is Ted’s are in a sling?

  • I saw this on YouTube about an hour ago. Liked it 🙂

  • Man, that scratchy film filter would be pretty boss in Survival Mode!