Full Frontal Assault Patch 1.04 Notes


Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce that Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (Ratchet & Clank: QForce in some territories) will be receiving software update 1.04 very soon. We wanted to touch on exactly what you can expect with this patch first.

  • Coordinates for Planet Kerwan have been added, enjoy facing off against other players in the classic Ratchet & Clank city of Metropolis.
  • GrummelNet has modified several weapons and defenses in response to user feedback.
    • Universal
      • The Warmonger’s rockets have been reduced from five to three.
      • Turrets purchased at your base have been reinforced slightly.
      • The Melee Perk had its damage increased slightly.
      • Thundersmacks are no longer as resilient against attacks.
      • Cadets can now only carry two Dopplebangers at the start of a match.
      • Dopplebangers are now more susceptible to damage.
      • The Electro Barricade can no longer withstand as much damage as the Heavy Barricade.
    • Planet Ebaro
      • A Missile Minion has been spotted around node seven. Proceed with caution when landing on the planet.
      • The Grungarian Soldiers have had a shift change with some Grungarian Brawlers around node one.
  • QForce deserters have had their penalty greatly increased. (If you’re losing and don’t want to incur the big penalty use the Surrender option)
  • Cadets are now notified when they have been penalized.
  • Cadets remaining in the game after a cadet has deserted the match are given a win or loss depending on the current state of the match.
  • Due to interference from solar flares opposing cadet ratings have been hidden in the character select screen of the lobby.
  • You can no longer purchase perks for options that have been turned off in Custom games.
  • Custom Game Screen clarity has been improved.
  • Several stability improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

There you have it. Enjoy the new changes and the new MAP! Stay tuned to on Twitter or Facebook for an update on when this patch will be live and any additional changes or content that may be headed your way. See you online!

– IG

  • Jak Storm


    • Soon. It is with Sony going through final approval/upload to PSN. We will update everyone when we know for sure.

  • darkhairwarrior

    Yay, my score for this game is now 8.5 instead of 8

  • Michael Bodack

    When does the vita one launch?

    • darkhairwarrior

      Insomniac has no say or command in that port, Tin Giant and Sony do. So, you won’t get an answer from Insomniac.

  • jak storm

    Thanks to you now i have.500 points in a week

  • jason morgan

    bring back the fire barrier

  • Awesome~!!!

  • I got something called “trail” & I downloaded that so where is the new map ?

    is it just for multiplayer ?

  • Pics_nao_plz

    Are there gonna be anymore character skins? If so I really, really, really hope that W3RM from Deadlocked makes it in. For some odd reason I love the guy

  • ET Games

    When is patch 1.04 out

  • wojtek

    Do the Ratchet & Clank something like that Ratchet & Clank 4 for one

  • wojtek

    i,am like Ratchet & Clank 4 for one

  • bernadette anne miguel

    Great 😀

  • disqus_pejtGMdLgs

    I can’t find this game in México =(

  • wlunlimitedfundi@aol.com

    I sure hope that insomniac games create a new ratchet and clank game this year, (2013). I understand that the vita version for full frontal assault was delayed. but its is taking a little while. If you guys do decide to create a new ratchet and clank this year could you try to put it on ps3 and ps4?

  • wlunlimitedfundi@aol.com

    Full frontal assault is an amazing ratchet and clank game in my opinoin it is the best game in the seris so far. But one thing i didn’t like was that there not co-op for competive mode.

  • Theodor Karlsen

    I love this game, I have played so many online matches ( add me: theodor1999 ), I cant wait to the PS vita version comes out!

  • wlunlimitedfundi@aol.com

    Mr.Ted price sir and other insomniac game members , I read some info on the internet that says your not really wane in ratchet and clank at the moment? I say why, I’ve looked at fuse and resisiatance they look awesome!! But why stop making ratchet and clank now, if you think about it you could somewhat combine the ablities in other games like resisitance. Especially since ps4 around the corner. Please just think about it!

    • We are currently still supporting Full Frontal Assault and working on shipping Fuse. Nothing beyond that has been announced. No need to be worrying about rumors or speculation at this point. You will always here what is true and isn’t here first. Thanks.

  • Andrew

    hey i just want to contact Mr Price is their anyway how he said hes always looking for something new and creative, not just a sequel but something that stays true to a franchise and expands new areas whilst trying to please all fans, well if this comment is seen by somebody part of the insomniac team please reply and just here me out , many people want what thinking!!

  • Mike

    This seems to be an extremely old thread but I’m not sure where to post this. Is there any news of a future patch for this game? Specifically one that fixes glitches and exploits in online maps?