Episode 62 – Outernauts Announcement

Join Community Lead James Stevenson, Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings, Designer Rowan Belden-Clifford and Associate Community Manager Brandon Winfrey as they discuss Insomniac’s latest game, Outernauts. This show discusses the process of making the game, along with the challenges and surprises along the way. We also discuss our favorite beasts and parts of the game. It’s the first in-depth chance to hear directly from the development team on Insomniac’s first ever game on Facebook!

  • Atomic_Squirrel

    Welcome back!

  • raycey

    Bigger than any Ratchet or Resistance game? Wow. I’m intrigued by what was said about the battle mechanics and progression. Hopefully it’s as good as they say. Looking at the screenshots for this game and having just listened to the podcast, I couldn’t want to play this game more if I tried. Don’t suppose you could speculate an approximate month the open beta might be available?

  • DarkMegamanSX900

    I can’t wait to play this game Insomniac no joke O_O

  • PawPlayer

    this game looks SOOO good and i have a facebook and yes im not old enough for facebook but im still playing it!!!!!!! Insomniacs Games Get Better everytime!