Episode 60 – Resistance 3 Update

Join senior community manager James Stevenson, creative director Marcus Smith, lead designer Drew Murray and senior designer Cameron Christian as they headline the 60th episode of the Full Moon Show. We discuss Resistance 3, what 3 years meant to the project, our favorite weapons in the game and much more. Plus, a whole segment devoted to your questions. And a special guest appearance from our intern Brandon Winfrey on his 21st Birthday.

  • long live the Full Moon Show

  • Hooray!

  • FatWolf

    ha we in britain can drink at 18 mwahahahaha

  • ktiger34

    Drunken FMS’s are AWESOME! =D

  • Awesome!

  • AWESOME :D! Have been waiting for this for A LONG time… about 7 months!!! But, it was TOTALLY worth it :DDD!

  • Woo! Shoutout. Yes, Marcus, you’re on. FMC vs IG.

  • rbluetank

    i was wondering if you guy’s add some female human/female chimera skins for the mp in r3? alot of females play Resistance series mp. my wife and i both play Resistance 1 sp/mp. the female skins in r2 was okay looking not ground breaking. overstrike game looks like it moving in the right direct by including kick ashstray female characters. my wife is very pumped foroverstrike. i was just wondering why you guy’s have not embraced the female game players. the female gamer would grow your market faster then going multiplatform. i never had a greater feeling then watching my wife kick butt in r1 mp. me and my wife will always support guy’s. tc

  • CaptainKiran

    My first Full Moon Podcast and it’s about Resistance 3! I definitely agree with rbluetank about the females in the game. I am a woman who enjoys Resistance SO much, it’s undeniably one of my favorite game series next to Half Life and Metal Gear Solid. I am SO going to buy the special/limited edition of this game! But yes, I would listen to rbluetank, especially with single player. Just female NPC’s too, not sexual women, but real survivors. In Resistance: FOM, Rachel Parker was a great female NPC, (although I find some british women in video games annoying) she looked like she fit into the Resistance world. Looking at the concept art for the other females, I’m a bit disappointed but I suppose it’s okay. Can’t wait to play R3! I need to man up and beat R2, I’m stuck in Chicago trying to get through the damn hotel. Too scary for me, but I’ll get past it.

  • rbluetank

    Oprah Winfrey is a good example of what might happen when you go after the women market. Oprah Winfrey is not where she is today because she talked about prostate cancer…!! She embarced a fresh, untouched and uncared about market. all the talk show hosts are gone who started before Oprah. I hope you listen to the female gamer who are playing R3 mp beta. womens love to show men that they are better not equal when playing fps mp. the bottom line is catering to male in a fps sp/mp might be just walking a wet mud puddle dry. your competition has no female characters. ( cod,bf3,mag and ect….) you always do what your competition is not doing to make your game special. you would only gain more to your fanbase by catering to women. Mag is one of the greatest “hardcore” fps this gen. their are alot of female player who play mag. these women have ranked up to become OIC. they call out platoon instructions on how to attack/defend hq. alot of male gamers as myself are very impressed on how they handle them selves. the people who played mag know how hardcore the game is. to see womens do so well in mag is very impressive. tc

  • ja

    Good podcast.
    Kudos for backing off on auto-kill killstreaks.

  • fritzkafka

    I should blame the tequila, Sam. But I won’t. *this* time. JS will figure out a FMC vs Insom team match…

  • AntDaGamer

    Great Show! I would love to be part of R3 Beta!

  • shotty2urbody

    this game is looking better and better each time i see it too bad i dont have the beta. i would be on that allday

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    Whoo hoo!! I just found this show. Thank you guys for making it. Can’t wait for the future ones.

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    Whoo hoo!! I just found this show.

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    awsome resistance 3

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    G00d show guyz w00t 🙂

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    🙂 Great Show GUYs

  • i love ratchet and clank and insomniac

  • Super Pumpkin

    Insomniac still talks about Resistance 3?