Episode 31 – August 14, 2008

With Quest For Booty’s release right around the corner (Aug. 21), we discuss the shenanigans that went down at our pirate-themed wrap party. And on the Resistance 2 front, Ratchet & Clank frontman Brian Allgeier chimes in with some hands-on impressions of our upcoming first-person shooter. We also welcome Denis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights, on the show to discuss Too Human and why he compares his studio to an old-school guild. Finally, find out when and where you can meet the Insomniac community team (and play R2) over the next few weeks.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:35 – Quest For Booty Update
0:09:26 – Resistance 2 Update
0:21:35 – Mystery Guest of the Week – Denis Dyack, Too Human
0:46:10 – Community Update – Where we’ll be, see us at Leipzig and PAX
0:54:28 – Closing