Episode 22 – March 20, 2008

We chat about concept art for Resistance 2, and bring in concept artist Brian Yam for I Want Your Job. We also reveal the Resistance 2 logos (see the links below!). For multiplayer fans, we discuss our recent playtests and upcoming deadlines. In addition, we bring in a game industry icon, who is now working on movies. And if you haven’t read MyRes Monthly yet, a fan-created MyResistance magazine, we tell you why you shoulnd’t miss it. Plus Rolf’s Rant and more!

* 0:00:00 – Introduction, March Madness
* 0:09:08 – Resistance 2 Update (R2 long logo) (R2 short logo) (Medic Co-op Concept) (Spec Ops Co-op Concept)
* 0:22:05 – Mystery Guest of the Week (part 1 of 2) (link)
* 0:44:16 – I Want Your Job! with Concept Artist Brian Yam (link) (R2 Iceland Invasion)(R2 Boss Fight Concept)
* 1:00:00 – Community Update (link)
* 1:10:45 – Rolf’s Rant
* 1:17:30 – Closing, outtakes