Durham’s New Digs

We are excited to announce our Insomniac North Carolina team has officially moved into their new office space. Since opening the NC studio more than 3 years ago we never really had a space to call “home”. That has all changed with this stunning new space that includes: a large QA area, multiple game playing areas, large meeting room/kitchen- with fully stocked drinks & snacks, covered parking and an on-site gym. It is also now walking distance to restaurants, retail, housing and hotels. Furthermore we now have enough room to potentially DOUBLE in size! No more bumping into each other or working out of closets and maybe we can even host a Community Day ;).

Without further adieu, here is a sneak peek at Insomniac North Carolina!

Display Area



Environment Art Pod

Large Conference & Kitchen


Gaming Area

QA Area

  • This is amazing! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  • Meximan

    YES COMMUNITY DAY! for us eastocoasters! I’m hoping to go out to Cali at least once in my life for that as well! 😀

  • Looks like a really awesome new workspace! 😀 It’s great you got such a nice place to work at now.

  • Congratulations! The space looks fantastic!

  • Congrats on the new work space Insomniac I like the new place looks clean and it has that bright tone to Nice!!! 🙂

  • I want to work for you guys.

  • Pretty sweet, guys! Nice digs indeed.

  • Congratz! on the new workspace
    guys. It really came together nicely.

  • bernadette anne miguel


  • Bruce Bell

    The new facility looks great. Would like to see some shots of the team working out their sketches.

  • Mike Wulfbeer

    Hey welcome to my home state (Raleigh native)! Better late than never. Rather stoked that video game companies are coming to NC, especially the RTP area to call home. I work in BIotech but ALWAYS wanted to work in the video game field but life got the better of me. My lil bro tho kept my dream alive, works for Playfish in Cali. Anyway welcome to the area and keep producing great games. Video games and great craft beer are my passion/weakness. See ya guys around town! <3