Dr. Nefarious Rap

It’s a universal fact that all of the best rappers are doctors. There’s Dr. Dre and… umm…  Dr. Dre and… Post 2001 Dr. Dre?  Okay, so in actuality, there’s just Dr. Dre, but a new a new scholar has joined the hip-hop fray.  Thanks to the folks at “Old School Aesthetic,” our very own Dr. Nefarious is a rap game legend.

Check out the song (Please be aware that there is some light language in the video):


For a homicidal robot that occasionally twitches out and broadcasts soap operas, Nefarious has some pretty good flow!

Thanks, Old School Aesthetic! We look forward to your future videos. When does  Nefarious’s EP drop?



  • Tyrell


  • PlayMatt

    I would rather listen to Courtney Gears’s new music she rocks!

  • InsomniacStripe

    Absolutely wonderful

  • ex0du5

    You forgot Doctor Octagon, the Octagonecologyst. “Earth People” and “halfsharkalligatorhalfman” are classic cutz.

  • Chris Phillips

    That was an amazing video! Great job!

  • PErsomn

    I think it would be better if they used the same voice actor or make it a bit closer to the original voice.