Deadlocked HD available now! Instructions on how to download

Hey folks,

Deadlocked HD has launched on the PlayStation Store in North America. As you know, we worked with Sony to offer Deadlocked HD as a free download for you who bought Full Frontal Assault to make up for the delayed Vita version of that game.

For our friends in Europe, Gladiator doesn’t have a release date yet. Stay tuned for more details as soon as we hear when it will launch in Europe.

Also to note – at this moment, the Deadlocked HD servers are OFFLINE. Sony and Idol Minds are looking into this. We’ll update when we have more details.

How to Download Deadlocked HD:

Due to the special nature of the promotion + cross-buy, it’s a little tricky to download it on the PSN store, this post is to help you find the game.

If you bought Full Frontal Assault on disc: Go to your XMB under the DISC option and you should see DISC BENEFITS. As long as you are logged onto PSN, you should be able then download the Vita versions of FFA and/or Deadlocked HD from that menu.

If you bought Full Frontal Assault digitally on the PSN Store: Due to the special nature of the promotion, this is a little trickier to download. Search the PSN Store for the Vita version of Full Frontal Assault (yes, on your PS3!). Then download it. It should start a download of all three titles (PS3 FFA, Vita FFA, Deadlocked HD). You can then go to your Download List and cancel any unwanted downloads (while leaving Deadlocked HD downloading).

If you haven’t bought Full Frontal Assault: What are you waiting for? It’s a heckuva deal to download Full Frontal Assault (you get both the PS3 and Vita versions) and you also get Deadlocked HD! But if you really really only want ONE Ratchet game today, you should be able to search the store or new release list for Deadlocked HD, which you can purchase for $9.99.

Whew. Think that’s it. We’ll keep you up to date with any updates on the servers.. Have fun in the Dreadzone!

  • Conner Craig

    insomniac always taking care of their customers! =)

  • disqus_aH9uOXMzju

    TY Insomniac, you’ll always be the best Devs for me

  • Pics

    Will the FFA DLC be available on the Vita version?

  • Husachi’s Portal

    Played the game and noticed the character models during in-game cutscenes look a bit skippy and the cutscene with the closeup of Ratchet’s face in the Battledome… you can see thru his head. Is there a chance that these will be fixed?

    • Ignus Dej

      So the port is messed up? That would explain the lack of information.

    • Yeah, I was just coming on to see if there was any information on that lol. Idol Minds didn’t do a very good job with the port. :/

      • Damien Grant

        I noticed similar clipping in the the HD collection, really as long as the in game models are fine I won’t complain.

        • It wasn’t this noticeable in the collection, it seems the models are jumping or skipping every few seconds during cutscenes. Nothing game breaking, but irritating for sure. :/

  • Durodes Duvo


  • Vic

    Why is there no stereoscopic 3D?! The HD trilogy had the BEST 3D I’ve ever seen so I was really looking forward to the 3D in Deadlocked, what the f happened?! can we expect an update eventually or am I stuck with 2D?

  • Ignus Dej

    Apparently cutscene issues aren’t the only problems in the game like this one here:
    The gameplay itself is suffering from a lot of slowdowns, worse and more frequent than on PS2. Here a gameplay vid of Deadlocked HD with lots of slowdowns:
    Judging by several other issues people report in the forums this port is really bad.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Is Idolminds going to patch this game Insomniac? Its clearly worse than the PS2 version..

  • Daniel Cannan

    Wen will it be avable in australia??

    • Vic

      I’m in NZ but I bought FFA from the US PSN, already playing Deadlocked now. NZ/AU/EU/UK PSN always get games late and they charge 25-50% more than SCEA, seriously other than PS Plus SCEE is a joke.

      • Aaron Johnston

        I’m from NZ too and I COMPLETELY agree with what you just said!

  • Michael Elady

    Online servers seem to be online, let’s rock.

    Also, is there a patch planned for this? Cut scenes have some weird continuous skipping, clipping and such. Also slowdowns occur during gameplay, which weren’t present in the original PS2 version.

    I bought this game mainly to get a nostalgic feeling for how in the past, Insomniac always made sure their R&C games are polished, running on a solid 60FPS. Until All 4 One came along, which for some reason made them ditch spending time on polishing their games from that point on. All 4 One looked amazing graphically, but I would trade that for a less beautiful game that is polished, and running on 60FPS. FPS is extremely important in a game(Thank god we still have Platinum Games who realize that).

    Insomniac, when you outsource a game, please do us all a favor and supervise it.

    People will always remember Deadlock as an Insomniac developed game, not an Idol Minds one. So if the port sucks, the dirt is on you.
    Hope you guys are pulling some strings to get us that patch.

  • UltimateLombax

    I hope it comes out on Europe soon.

  • Daniel Cannan

    So its not out ib australia

  • Braden C. Rathmell

    I’m not getting an option to download? Is there something special I have to do?

    • Vic

      go and add FFA to your download list again and it’ll also add Deadlocked to your list, seriously did you even read this page you’re on?

      • Braden C. Rathmell

        I bought the disc, so I read and followed the instructions for the disc. And no option to download.

        • Alexander Sollinger Sundberg

          Are you european? Cause we europeans can’t have it yet.

  • Ryan Gliebe

    Still a fun game, but its a shame that Insomniac went with Idol Minds for all its Ratchet HD ports… all they seem to have added was glitches, framerate issues, reused trophy tiles and an All 4 One wallpaper as the title screen.

    Instead of going with someone only known for one glitchy, mediocre, downloadable title (PAIN), they should have went with someone that’s not only done HD ports before, but superb jobs overall like BluePoint (ICO, MGS, ZoE) or Mass Media (Jak and Daxter).

  • Impossible to download?

    I dont know what i can do.. I have Q-Force on disc and I equipped PS Vita version (but I didn’t and can’t download it) before deadlocked hd came to PS3. When i go to disc benefits it says only: continue to playstation store. I can’t equip deadlocked hd, i must to buy it.

    • Vic

      Q-force is the European version and SCEE hasn’t released Deadlocked yet, only the US PSN has for people who bought FFA.

  • Red Flame Fox

    I can’t wait for it in Europe

  • Terrion Carter

    I can’t the “Line ’em up” and “Selective Shooting” trophies because I can’t the skill points for some reason. I earned all skill points on the PS2 version. There should be an update for this also

  • Alexi Tessier

    still doesn’t work with the disc benefits..I get the error code 80025A76 , what does it mean? I’m in Canada if it affects anything..

  • OReiTiagoCorreia

    C’mon, just a few more days guys, and we EU shall domain Ratchet Deadlocked multiplayer servers! Muhahahaha!

  • uberfu

    Why would I pay $20 for FFA just to get Deadlocked for free – when I could simply pay the $10 for Deadlocked ?

    FFA was a fail anyways. You claimed returning to the classic approach to R&C pre-Future (and pre-Deadlocked) – but you failed miserably and shold have marketed it as an Online Multi-player game – and not as a continuation of any fo the past titles that had both single andmutli-player options.

    Hell – I got hooked on the TV ads you had for the original game – where people inteh real-world were testing R&C weapons.

    You need to go back to the arching storylines and build out both play modes. And you should go back to the $40-$60 titles instead of teh cheap $20 upfront then pay for 900 add on to have a full game after the fact.

    The R&C franchise has been sliding downhill progressively – and I couldn’t imagine after FFA and A41 the franchise getting any worse – but I’m sure it could.

    You all were out fo the gate runinng w/ teh original trilogy and even the Futures trilogy (although watered down fromt eh PS2 offerings) was still a decent round – but the approach on the recent titles isn’t great (or even good). You have to find another approach to anything new in the series along the same lines of the intriguing storylines / gameplay / and equipment selection you implemented. Use the same process for progressing or experimenting with gameplay.

    Not everyone is constantly online and playing multi-player (single player modes) but those folks still purchase the game titles at the same cost – it would be great to see a new title where you actually live upto your words “classic ratchet gameplay w/a new twist” and actually meant that.

    If I am in fact the single final hold out for still playing single player at times – then fine move on to only-multi-player titles – then I’ll move on and it was fun while it lasted as someone that has bought every Insomniac R&C title from the beginning.

    • Vic

      because FFA is an awesome game and worth the $20 alone, but I bought it for $15 when it was on sale on PSN. I love ALL the R&C games, including A4O and FFA/Q-force, give it a chance.

      • Sora

        I am sadly going to disagree with that comment, although I have not played FFA, I have played 1, 2, 3, Deadlock/4, secret agent clank, a crack in time, size matters, tools of destruction and nexus. I agree with uberfu that, the ratchet and clank series has been on a dramatic drop in quality and is slowly losing customers. I recently bought ratchet and clank: Nexus, thinking how great it would be, but it was absolutely TERRIBLE!!! it was extremely short and straight forward and I wished to see the classic ratchet and clank arena with all the different battles and challenges to win, not just BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM! all in all, the ratchet and clank series needs a definite miracle, because I am seriously beginning to doubt the developers skill. IT SEEMS AS IF INSOMNIAC JUST COULDN’T BE BOTHERED ANYMORE, LIKE SERIOUSLY!

  • naunghton

    Hey when will deadlocked be released in the uk?

  • Alexander Sollinger Sundberg

    Dear InsomniacGames,



    – Alexander

  • Ich66

    Please do something Insomniac!
    So many people are waiting for deadlocked/gladiator in europe!!!

  • Dimi

    Does anyone now the release date in europe ? I’m really nerved to wait for RG HD for the PS3. The American already have this game, but i’ll not create an american account, with the knowing, that this game will appear in europe. I hope for a detailed answer. thank you.

  • MagicFeather

    Still waiting for the game to be released in Europe :(.

  • Any word on a Europe release? I preordered QForce nearly a year ago now 🙁 still waiting for Deadlocked…

    • Drafkunex

      it’s just cama out.

  • Joop Agema

    also an excuse for the terrible vita version, not only the delay

  • Drafkunex

    the game freezes often, could you get an update for dem?

  • Sander Schaeffer

    No matter what I try, I don’t get Deadlocked, sadly. I’ve bought the retail disk In january, can download the Vita version of Qforce/FFA, but no Deadlocked.. Please reply!

  • Thomas Gourlay

    pls make Ratchet and Clank Gladiator on disk i hate downloading off psn store you have to wait a long time to download and uses more space on the system

  • Nakano Azusa

    why is it taking so long to be available when i check the disk benefits it only states these benefits are coming soon pls make it available before 2015 i was planning to 100% all ratchet and clank games on my ps3 before the movie comes out

  • Joshua Zimmer

    Please make it happen in Europe!

  • Sigurd Korzon

    Can you please make it available in Europe? Kinda sad not to get it…

    • CaolMcHugh

      Pretty sure it’s out in Europe, just search ‘Gladiator’ instead of ‘Deadlocked’

  • Matt Hurley

    Is this still active? Like if we still buy FFA do we still get deadlocked free?

    • clank

      I just got FFA off of amazon mainly for this, and it does. you might have to update the disc, but the disc benefits thing brings you to the Vita version of FFA in the store, and if you download that, it will download Deadlocked too

  • clank

    please make deadlocked available on disk

  • Jonohashmo

    is this hd version also available on the ps4?

  • Jonohashmo

    Is this hd version also available on the ps4?

  • Kareem

    I downloaded ratchet and clank q force ps vita edition on my PS3 and it is not downloading gladiator what do I do because I live in Australia and ratchet gladiator is the same price as q force and I really wanted gladiator and thought I would be getting q force as an add on but instead I got q force and no gladiator I checked my download list and it’s not there please help me I don’t want to buy gladiator because I already thought I was going to get it in this deal insomniac please answer, or I would like a refund.

  • GianGab

    I followed the various steps for the digital version, but does not give me Deadlocked / gladiator for free …

    • The deal likely expired. You should contact PlayStation support and ask. Sony ran this promo.