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    E3 2017 Impressions

    I'm going to keep mines brief, since I don't have a lot to say about this game. After watching the 9-minute demo and reading up more recent information about the game, I'm pretty much sold on everything except for the combat and QTEs.

    Combat looks like a really flashy version of Arkham's Freeflow system. Sure there's environmental interaction, but I don't think that's enough to differentiate itself to be its own thing. I saw enemies attacking one at a time except when they had guns too. Hopefully dodging doesn't involve attacking the enemy when dodging like in Arkham. There was talk about aerial combat with VG24/7, but all we got was less than a second of footage of that. Hopefully a future demo will show how aerial we can get with knock-ups and air juggles, and how different it truly is to Arkham's combat.

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    I am hoping to see a blend of the pace and acrobatics of Web of Shadows with the tight base mechanics of Arkham. I'm sure you have special moves and things that weren't shown off yet.

    I'm concerned about the traversal a bit right now, I want to see more of just web-swinging without the objective going on, want to know if you will be able to use physics to go faster.

    I'm still hopeful. The QTE's didn't bother me, as I think it will just be for big set pieces, and it really did feel very Spider-Man.

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