After getting tired of beating the crap out of the AI I started playing online. I win some and lose some but considering it sometimes matches me against people at lvl 50 I don't feel so bad. I've been having some trouble dealing with certain abilities/artifacts and since we don't have a guide for this game I was hoping someone could help me.

I use pretty much everything but I'm liking the blackjack class. I tend to use either a spear, imp, cell phone, Cthulhu's Grasp, and the spray can. I didn't used to equip the spray can but after getting hit by it I know how annoying ti can be lol. One of my favorite tactics is to use a shield then try to psyche out my opponent by having them guess which shield I'm in and what I'm doing. I like to charge a blade and wait for them to tele to an ember for a free hit or summon the cards, toss one to get them to waste a tele then fire the rest. I could use some work on my aim though. Often an ember appears and I shoot my knives at it only to have it miss I also started teleing/shooting more or firing little shots rapidly to harass.

1: Last night I was constantly getting matched against a lvl 50 Drifter and out of like 10 matches I might have won 2. He would often spam his sling shot with low lvl shots to break my shield then he we charge up, teleport, then fire a big shot. That's not my biggest problem. It's the birds! If I see only one bird up in the air I'll try to shoot/block it because I know he/she is really baiting me to use my teleport so they can call the rest of the flock while my tele is on cool down. It seems like no matter what I do if the drifter decides to use birds I am going to get hit. Is there anything I can do about that?

2: I fought an arsonist that had a habit of saving up his embers, then calling 2 skulls and using a paper airplane during that. I can deal with 1-2 skulls but that pretty much demands all my attention. If the arsonist is forging a spear or writing Cthulhu's grasp I don't have time to stop him cause I'm too busy shooting the skulls.

3: I was matched against a kineticist and I just could not go toe to toe with him. He tossed things to fast that my shots were either hitting his objects and while I was charging he was already throwing another or my shield would break from the stress and I'd have to tele. Any tips on combating that class?

4: I try not to let them get it but sometimes my opponent gets the summon. I know I should equip the dispel bomb for them but sometimes I take my chances and just try not to let them get the summon at all. Do we have a list of all the stage summons and what they do exactly? I swear the graveyard guy has one shot me even though I teled away long before he hit me.