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    ratchet and clank ps4 review

    Hi all I'm new and I just finished Ratchet and Clank on the ps4 like for the fourth time lol. I enjoyed Ibeen playing it because I think it is great I did enjoy the retelling of the stroy of the ps2 game. Ii do think that some thiings could have been better though however I do have some thoughts with why why they did what did with the story. Let's start with the controls. I found them good very tight Ratchet and Clank both control very well. I did have trouble in areas Hoverborad being one) where I would telling Ratchet and Clank to do something and they would not do it. It lead to quite a few deaths becuase of this factor. but overall it was fine. next up graphics I will say it looks amazing, of the best looking games on ps4. However I did see slowdown in areas of the game. On Kerwan there is slowdown while you are shooting ing your ship and taking on the warship thhere is slowdown when you get on the cannon and sotting down the big ships the game slows down like anything. My final bit is the story, I will not compare the ps4 story to ps2 story that's most likey been done I wiill however say that I think the ps2 stroy was better though. I did like the story but I didn't love the story I didn't like the fact that drek wasn't the final boss I played the ps2 version on the ps3 and I loved everything about it and that was before the ps4 game came out. I was dispointed with the story overall I thought it would have more depth with Ratchet and Clank temselves and there was nothing everything seem bland and not very funny and it's a shame I started playing Raatchet and Clank on the ps3 and I loved it they made me laugh the weapons were great and fun to use and that's another thing why didn't they use the original weapons? I mean it's a remake isn't it?I understand the weapons that were in the ps2 ratchet and clank it felt like the cut pasted the weapons from say a clack in time. I enjoyed the game overall and I think it's a good game but it could have better than what it was I just think there was so much more that they could have done with it I do think that the reason that they did do what they did might be be because they are going to work on the story in the next game maybe I hope that is the case I give the game 8 out of 10

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    Good review! I have pretty much the same thoughts as you regarding the story and the weapons. The "re-imagined" story was fairly underwhelming, despite being based on PS2 source material, plus some entirely new ideas. The PS2 story had more depth and character development to it, to be sure. The weapons, though many were carry overs from the Future games, were still a lot of fun to use, even the Combuster. I really enjoyed using the Predator Launcher again, as it had been a while since it was last used (either in TOD or QFB, can't quite remember).

    If you didn't know, there has been a great deal of "Combuster fatigue" going on in the fanbase, especially here. We just want to see an original/new idea for a blaster-type weapon, hopefully something that is unique enough to stand out in a future game.

    Edit: How fitting that you posted your review exactly a year after the game released. Talk about a cool coincidence!

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