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    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last posted. I was definitely saddened to find out the news about the forums, though several of you knew far in advance, it seems. I know I haven't been a member of this site for very long (since April or May of 2016), but I have had a great time here nonetheless. This has to be one of the most positive, supportive communities out there, especially for a franchise that has lasted this long. Then again, R&C has offered so much to the fans over the years with games that took risks and innovated, as well as newcomers, with the highly successful R&C 1 re-imagining. It's no surprise that a series this vast has a dedicated, even hardcore, fanbase that continue to drive its overall success.

    I have read through this thread, so I know about the alternative platforms to talk to other fans on. The truth is, I'm not very keen on social media and its many apps, and actually prefer forums for direct discussions/conversations. I know that probably makes me a dinosaur (sometimes, I feel like one when it comes to gaming), but social media, and what it has become, just doesn't do it for me. At the very least, I will attempt to post more frequently than I have been until May 1, that very fateful day.

    We can all take comfort in the fact that everything from these forums will be archived and readable, so taking a trip down Memory Lane will be an option

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    The community has largely migrated to IG's Discord server. The activity there is insane. More than this forum has had for months before the shutdown announcement.

    But, it's not the same as a forum. Discussions happen in other time-zones that you completely miss out on. And it's not structured. I miss the forum structure, but it's the best we got now.

    I also know that at least two familiar members are also active on Ratchet Galaxy.
    The reddit has no activity though.

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