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    Yes they did, although I was under the assumption that a different company did the base conversion process to make that data usable.
    Quote Originally Posted by weasel188900 View Post
    Specifically Tin Giant
    From Gamasutra:"Luckily, the PlayStation 3 R&C Collection proved to be our saving grace. Idol Minds went through the painful process of extracting our assets from the PS2 master disc for the collection. We realized early on that we could use those libraries. So we enlisted support from technology consulting firm Tin Giant to extract data from the collection and convert it to our engine formats."
    So Idol Minds did the first job with the collection and then Tin Giant extracted the data for Insomniac.

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    Tin Giant of course is the team who got the unfortunate job of porting Full Frontal Assault to the Vita.

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