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    Player count?

    Hey Devs! Or new people!

    Any idea what the player count is/what was your placement after your first win/loss? Just trying to get an idea of what the total player base is now.

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    After my first game, a loss, I was around 3250, however this was back around December 15thish, so at LEAST that many people

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    Bump. Can Devs provide us with a current count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor Dennison View Post
    Bump. Can Devs provide us with a current count?
    Can't give you a full count right now, but there are hundreds of matches a day going on. Your rank should give you an idea. What rank are you?
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    The *active* player base is pretty low considering the matches I've had in the past 3 days. Yesterday I had three matches against the exact same player. I see 'X matches in the past hour' for example and it's usually under 50 matches. If you estimate an average of 10 minutes per match, you can have 2 players do 6 matches an hour. So you could have as low as 8 active players per hour (this is in the evening too - Eastern). I think you'll probably see a higher number of players on at Pacific peak times 6 pm PST - 11 pm PST. So maybe 32 is a generous amount of active players to see online at once.

    This is abysmal in relation to triple A multiplayer games, however it's not a fair comparison due to the platform paradigm. The barrier to entry of The Unspoken is very high and it's an Oculus exclusive. It's a game that's meant to draw in someone who's considering the Vive or Oculus.

    So, expect low numbers for another year or so. It'll grow at the rate Oculus and Insomniac invest in marketing it, and as people like myself who tell my coworkers and friends that the Unspoken is what I demoed in Best Buy and was my first purchased VR game.

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    I see 'X coordinates in the previous hour' for instance and it's more often than not under 50 matches. On the off chance that you assess a normal of 10 minutes for each match, you can have 2 players do 6 coordinates 60 minutes. So you could have as low as 8 dynamic players for every hour.

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