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    Spider Man PS4 what we want from it.

    Spider Man PS4 What We Want It To Be Like.

    I hope that Spider Man PS4 is going to be as easy to control as Sunset Overdrive and as fun.

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    A strong base for future Spider-man games, that doesn't take too many liberties in being a "new" universe. Nail the gameplay, music, and personality of the world/characters and everything should be dandy.

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    Scorpion to neither be a complete joke, nor as much a giant pain in the butt as he was in the 64 game.
    A solid rhino, whether he's the "actual Rhino" or "techno Rhino" style.
    No overuse of venom at every freaking corner, unless it's like a redo of the game with him playable.
    ̶U̶n̶c̶l̶e̶ ̶B̶e̶n̶s̶ ̶r̶i̶c̶e̶.̶ Upgrades.
    Carnage infecting one of the X-men. Preferably not one who is a pain in the flamingo to fight.
    A unique villian entirely imagined up by the Insomniac team. Possibly with a blade arm.
    But most importantly FRIGGIN PUNS MAN, you can't have Spidey without a sense of humor jesus, that would be like having a Zelda game where you can't smash pots.

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    Post Game Suggestions

    +++PLEASE, add a first-person camera mode, like in GTAV where you see everything from the character's point of view.

    +Add camera mode, like in The Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn, where we can take pictures. Also, add a Director mode where we can make movie clips like in GTAV.

    +Add life-like clothing wrinkles (like in GTAV, when characters walk in clothes you can see it wrinkle appropriately based on which body part is moving). WHY? It will add to authenticity, making it seem like he's really wearing a suit, not that his suit is his skin.

    +I love how in the trailer, at 0:35, he jumps on the tables and pillar before crashing through a window out of the cafe. What I really LOVE about that clip, is how the cafe customer react to him jumping on their table and whizzing past them like a tennis ball through a window...The reactions were also varied which was masterfully done. Keep building on it!

    ++Please allow us to continue play after the main story is completed, like in GTAV.

    +Please made side missions meaningful and not choreful (i know that's not a word, but it rhymes).

    +The textures on the buildings (based on 1080p youtube trailer on a 1920x1080 monitor) look a little muddy. I'm sure it will look much better once it gets on a HD, HDR, or 4K(hdr) television, but please try to avoid any muddy textures and/or texture popping as much as possible.

    +Do we only get to play as Spider-man? Or can we also change into Peter Parker to do stealthier missions? Speaking of stealth, are there stealth missions?

    +Speaking of missions, are there varying ways to take down mission targets or get to targets?

    +Are there any light RPG role-play elements?

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    Spider Man PS4 what we want from it

    Very cool Rhi Will be a definite help I picked up the Marvel Spider-Man Encyclopedia just for that reason.

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