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    This just happened to me as well just now. I lost both rank and points after winning 2 out of three of the matches. I had 402 points then dropped me down to 400.

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    You lost a match though?

    Did you lose to someone lower than you? You don't gain or lose the same amount of points each time. It is based on who you beat and what their rank was. So if you beat someone barely above you, you gain less than someone much higher. If you lose to someone above you, you lose less than someone much lower. If you beat someone lower than you, you don't really gain much of anything.
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    Rank points

    The rank points system seems to recalculate often and factors in recent player amounts somehow.

    Example: i was around 1280 rank when i last played Sunday. Last night i played and was somehow rank 800 or so upon logging in, before even starting any matches

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