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    Sunset Overdrive on the Switch will make everybody from Sony (who wanted to play SO) and all the Xbox fans swarm to it. Mario is not enough to make people buy the Switch. Sunset would be the best game to play on that unique style of hardware but hey whatever nobody ever listens to me, oh and Microsoft canceling Scalebound was a good idea huh? lol
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    I don't think you understand. I would be glad if it did happen, but all of my explanations were telling you that the people who run that company won't just let it slide. This isn't Bayonetta, a nonexclusive that needed help and Nintendo can step in and snag it up, it's an exclusive from a company with plenty of options on what to develop. For all we know the guys at IG WANT SO BADLY to do the game for it, but it's an exclusive, as in like Master Chief, Banjo-Kazooie(ugh, so weird still) Ratchet and Legend of Zelda. Those games will almost entirely not be shared, with the exception of developers stepping in like Capcom did for Zelda:Minish Cap.

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    Sunset Overdrive 2 Should Be On The Nintendo Switch and Xbo

    It was a mess to write cause it was 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep so I was like, 'what the hey' and wrote it all in one go. I haven't even gone back to read it after the fact XD

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    While i would love to see Sunset Overdrive for the Switch i would also love Sunset Overdrive 2 to be announced regardless of the Plattform because i would buy that ****ing hardware anyway to play one of my favorite games of all times.

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