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    It is finally here!!! The last chapter of the story has been posted!!! In this epic final battle, Kim Possible and her friends take the fight to Dr. Drakken and Shego in which decides the fate of the Earth and the space station. There are many secrets that will be revealed and the group is forced into making a difficult decision that no one saw coming. See for yourself how this epic story ends.

    Coming soon, there will be another story in which Kim Possible and her friends start another adventure with more great dangers and much more surprises. So until next time, stay in touch.

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    As you may have figured it out, my next story will take place during the events of Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. I have titled this new story Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution (sorry, Clank). There will be some surprising events that take place, including some funny ones and it will really go deeper into the relationship of 2 certain characters. (cough cough *title* cough cough) Honestly in my opinion, this is where the story gets interesting; there are some foreshadowing and a somewhat complex plot for my story. I can't wait till you see it and I can't wait to get this finished because, well, to tell you the truth, this is not my favorite part of the series and I really want to get to the Future Saga because I love those games the best and the plot gets really interesting during those stories. Just wait and see, it's going to be good, at least in my opinion. (BTW, if you have some issues with the title, let me know because I can't think of anything for the title)

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    Attention everyone! The first chapter of my story has just been published. It will be readable by tomorrow morning, so be on the look out. This story is still be written so it is still a work-in-progress. I will have the 2nd chapter published as soon as I have typed up the rough draft. I am so looking forward to getting this story done and over with. I really want to get started on the future series. I am really excited to get started on that. But, I have to finish this story up first. I'm really going to work at this.

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    I have posted the second chapter of the new story. It may seem shorter this time, but I believe that the story itself is going to be shorter. I will post the next chapter whenever possible.

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    I am very happy to announce that the third chapter has finally been posted!!!! I have spent too much time procrastinating on this story so I am so glad to finally have this online!! As for when I will be posting the fourth chapter? I don't know, but hopefully it won't be too long for now. I will have it out eventually!!!!!

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    You know, these hiatuses can be so annoying sometimes. I tend to let a story sit by, unfinished because I temporarily lost interest in finishing it. This happens to me a lot. I tend to take interest in something else which makes finishing these stories a lot harder. I just want to get these stories done and out of the way. I am like up to my shoulders in stories that I have yet to finish, it's crazy. It made be a long time before I finish up this story. Hopefully, I will at most have it finished by the end of the year. I just want to finish it, period!

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    I have done it!!! After spending too long procrastinating, I have finally posted the next chapter!! It will be available to read as soon as the website is able to display it. I don't know when the next Chapter will be ready, but I will get it out eventually!!!
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    Yeah, I have put this story on a long hiatus. I have been sidetracked by...something else. Well, now, I'm getting back to trying to finish up this story. I am already on to writing the the next chapter and I will have it out soon this time!!!!

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    Well, it took me long enough, but the fifth chapter has been posted and it's ready to be read. I will work to get the next chapter posted a lot sooner than this one. I am working on it at this moment and finally!!!

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    Chapter 6 has been posted. I am so happy that I have persevered to write my story but I need to keep at it. I won't stop until I have completed the dang thing and then I will eventually get to work on writing the future series. I have so been looking forward to it. Until then, I get on finishing up the seventh chapter. I may be able to get it posted very, very soon.

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