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    How to get past partially broken walls

    I finished this game today, it was fun. But I'm unable to get to the last few goodies because I'm unable to get past the walls with the holes in them. I'm sure I've got all upgrades now, I tried all sorts of moves on the walls and throwing stuff, but to no avail. The wall blinks blue when you trigger your spirit guide next to it, but I have no clue what to do next. Can anyone give a hint?

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    Made an account just to reply to this - I couldn't find an answer anywhere and finally figured it out.

    The same Feral charge/teleport move is used for both wall types (the 'broken' one with the hole in it as well as the one with the wooden mesh). For some reason I can't fathom the move is gender dependent. If your character is female she does the teleport through the mesh. If your character is male he can break the partially broken wall down. :S

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