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    That stall makes me think of a sort of nice mesh. I wasn't a fan of Arkham because you HAD to beat people up to heal in a fight, but the idea that Spider-Man can take too much damage and lower his regen max sounds kinda cool, then you take and add in a touch of the gta street vendors help you heal fully, with maybe the ability to carry a few healing things Parker made on his own and say resting at home(possibly other places) heals you fully, it all kinda sounds like a smooth system that can be challenging but sorta forgiving, except maybe in long missions, unless later bits introduce a bad guy thing Parker can keep in his healing device storage.

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    Whatever works best for the gameplay but I wouldn't be for anything that encourages the player to get out of the action, sit behind some cover and wait for the screen to go from greyscale to color again.

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    I agree, that isn't really Spider-Man's style unless he's directly evading.

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    Maybe evolve the style of arkham could be a great idea. But not exactly the same system, I don't want a copy of Arkham.
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    Personally, I think that if the regen system were in place like a lot of common FPS titles, there wouldn't be so much of a challenge, because all people would have to do in order to beat a bad guy at that point is to just run around in circles, run around cover even. Permanently stagnant health when lost is sorta okay, but then there's the challenge of having to remember where the health packs be at and stuff like that. I'd be for the latter, tbh, if GTA III hadn't confused me as to where the heck I should go in order to heal myself, considering that game even kills way too heavily during the first mission where I have to snipe those Chinese gangsters.

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