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    I'm hoping for a sequel as well, I'm replaying the game as of late because I love it that much. I could spend hours annihilating those nasty OD.

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    What do I want in/with Sunset Overdrive 2?

    Here's my short list:
    1. More merchandise in real life, but since everyone has already said that, let me specify

    - Belts like the few seen in the game.
    -A line of Vans shoes: Overcharge themed, FizzCo. robotics themed, Title text and MoOil themes, etc.( They let you use their product in your game, why not have them use your product? Nintendo has done this as well)
    -You had T-shirts, but the variety severely lacked. One that is a baseball shirt with the FizzCo logo would be lit.
    -OverCharge soda that is extremely easy to get your hand on. Buy the license to Mt. Dew (Orange) for like a week, scrap their can design, and replace it with OverCharge, while still boasting the Mt. Dew logo on the bottom of the can.
    -Talk to BoomCo. and see if they can hook you up with a Dirty Harry toy Gun.
    -Sell a version of the game that comes with a statue of an OD emerging from a can of Overcharge or something like that.
    2. COMBOS!!!!!
    -To push the bad-assert to the next level, come up with a few combos to shake it up a little bit.
    3. Different Human Enemies that are driven by something bigger
    -I haven't even played the DLC's yet, but I've seen enough of them to tell you that the MoOil workers look the exact same as Scabs! Have a group that worships FizzCo that you unwillingly protect because it's "the right thing to do," according to Sam or some other character. They could wear all white with baby blue accents(piping or something). You could also make enemies who are ravers that dance for their melee attacks. I'm just spewing a few ideas, and am coming up with these on the fly.
    4. While the majority of OD could look the same, vary the colors a little bit based on the location in the map, maybe. I liked the original variety of OD, But FIzzCo could expand their flavor variety.
    5. OD that are animals? IDK what to think of this myself.
    6. Less stereotypical characters, even if it's only one. Las Catrinas are a great example of this, in my opinion.
    7. Make a mission where you make an epic car and run over hordes of OD, like that train sequence, but you drive it!
    8. Hijack a FizzCo. blimp and shoot wingers from a mounted gun on top!
    9. Add a collectible, but instead of giving you an item, how about it's a vent to crawl through, uncovering tiny details!
    10. A gun that shoot cables for grinding INSANE distances. However, make the ammo severely limited, like it's a collectible.
    11. Another variant of the Mega Ultra Double Insane stupendous Pigeon combo sequence.
    -Everyone basically agrees that this was one of the best parts in the game.
    12. Smaller hats
    -I liked the designs on several of the baseball caps etc. but it looked HUGE and that made me avoid them.
    13. You know how you would replace FizzCo posters with graffiti, how bout having a custom paint option, to bind to to the city in a way.
    14. Give away the game when you either buy the game or a special version of it, it's only worth like $10 anyway.
    15. Have a base of some sort in a football stadium or sports stadium, where you could manufacture amps by protecting the center of the field from OD.

    ------------------------These are clearly only what I think would be cool, but if you use them, it'd be really cool to get some recognition somehow. Thanks for creating such an amazing and fun game. Every part of the city feels unique and fresh, and I'm loving the experience every time I open it. Y'all at Insomniac are insanely cool, keep up the cool work. I am looking into game design as a profession, so I want to contribute to the future of games in any way possible. Thank You again, this is getting a bit redundant, but you guys really rock. I look forward to the future of the Awesomepocalypse.
    -xCactusWingsx(same on Xbox)

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