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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    Just playing about the naked

    I was wondering what most you people look like.So post a picture of yourself .I will be posting my soon because my scanner is not working right now.I will post it in 3 days when I get it fixed or buy a new one.

    post away

    that is a picture of me and my wife.It was when I had long hair.To the people who play with me all the time,this is the girl you here in the backround yelling at me like crazy all the time cuz of this game.

    I let her play on my account sometimes but she hates this game so much that she has broke my ps2 twice just so I wouldn't play anymore.The problem is that I would play when her fav show was on(sex and the city).I fixed the problem by buying a new tv(60 inch sony) and now I play in the living room in our new home.So now I can play but only on tuesdays and thrsdays for like an hour.

    I will post more pictures later when I fix my scanner


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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    I really wanna post mine..

    But i get called a fatty

    Oh well whatever

    Ok before anything is said,Im fat yes thats me 2 years ago before i dyed
    my hair blue and got spikes and got rid of my plaude (sp?) clothing.

    Yup thats all commence with the your fat insults

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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    I'm not nakkie, but here's a pic...

    The one on top is me. The one on bottom is my only child.

    The picture was taken a few years ago when I was 28 or 29 but not much has changed except for a few more wrinkles.

    Safe Bet

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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    I got it to work Lithium...

    Used a photoshop program...


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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    This is me last August when I worked at Fazolis (An italian restaurant) as a Manager. I dont have a digital camera or scanner so this is the best I can do.

    We did something like this on our forums. Its cool seeing peoples pictures, but we also tell a little about each other.

    And since its been brought up on our forums: I am the guy in front.....

    Not the girl who has her eyes closed, not the guy ordering foor, and definately not one of the lightbulbs.

    Thanks to Chunsa for the Sig!

    Old School Forum

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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    I edited my post to fit some of ur needs
    Check out my new Gaming Site
    Contest for a Free game for new members

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    Tuxedo Mask

    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    This is me Tuxedo Mask aka Earth Ninja

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    post pictures of yourself(naked)

    I think most people have seen my pic from the Jack@$$ forums....
    Since everyone's being so "brave" ...
    I'll post it here anyway to suit the topic :P

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