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    Patch 1.02 should be going live in all territories!

    Hi all,

    The patch noted in the PlayStation Blog post should be going live as I type this message.

    Detailed patch notes will be added shortly.

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    Changes are as follows:


    - Weapons can now level up to 5! And don’t worry, the experience you’ve earned up to this point will count toward the new cap.
    - Need to get back to base in a hurry? We’ve brought over the popular base-teleport feature from Competitive to Campaign.
    - We’ve marked down the prices for most base defenses.
    - Enemy waves have been tuned across the entire game.


    - We got rid of filtering by cheats and replaced it with an option to limit the games to friends only.
    - We have added a visual indicator for hero upgrades. The more upgrades purchased, the more pips you’ll see above a player’s health bar.
    - Several exploits patched. Rage-quitters beware!
    - Bug fixes galore.
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